Archangel Michael Speaks on War, Suffering & Empathy


Hello, Beautiful Light Being – 

This is from today’s Message to Lightworkers:

“This morning I was again feeling the heaviness of the grief and helplessness of those in Palestine now.

“As I felt this, I inwardly saw Archangel Michael come forth with hands outstretched, and I knew he was saying, ‘Give this to me.’

“So I have been handing the intensity of this very hard situation to Lord Michael, with much Thanks, and am asking that he speak with us today.

“Lord Michael, we welcome you to share whatever you wish, to assist those of us experiencing hard circumstances now, or feeling great empathy for those who are suffering . . . “

What Archangel Michael offers us is more than an encouraging message.

He flows energies to us that assist us in realizing that the vibration we hold is molding and remaking events on the Earth to a much higher level.

Lightworkers & Starseed: A Channeling 🗝 Archangel Michael 🌟 Speaks on 🗡 War & Peace
We don’t have to feel like bystanders who are helpless to assist. We have the co-Creative clay in our hands, and can shape it.

An empowering Message as we move into the end of the calendar year!

Go here for the video of this week’s Message.

And here to read the Message on the website.

As always, I celebrate and give Thanks for your presence, my friend!

I’m proud to be connected to you, and to support your path however I can.

Sending so much Love & Light, and many blessings of this sacred time,

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