Shift Right Now & Be Your 5D Self ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters


Shift Right Now & Be Your 5D Self ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We welcome to enjoy with us this present moment experience. As we tune in to you and your collective energy, we know that there is still so much that you have yet to grow and expand into, and yet we also can celebrate how far you’ve come. We know that where you are right now is perfect, and that is why we invite you to celebrate the present moment with us. We also do understand that you sometimes do not feel so much joy about your lives or about life on Earth in general for humanity, and we just want you to know that it is perfectly fine for you to choose whatever experience you want to have of the present moment.

No one is judging you, and no one is asking you to be somewhere you don’t want to be vibrationally, but we will suggest to you that you ask yourselves whether you feel the way that you want to feel. And if you do not feel the way you want to feel, we invite you to start to look within for the reasons. If you look out there at the world as it is right now, you can find plenty of reasons to not be in a state of joy, a state of peace, or even a state of acceptance, but you can also choose to look at the world through the eyes of Source. Source recognizes that everything is as Source created it to be, and therefore Source sees no reason to resist Its own creation.

If you saw the world in the same way, then you could choose consciously what you wanted to focus upon and let go of the rest. Letting it go doesn’t mean you don’t care, but it does mean that you understand where your true power lies, and your true power lies in your ability to offer a vibration. You can offer a vibration that is helpful, that is uplifting, that is positively oriented. You can offer a vibration that is filled with love and healing, and you can do so in the moment that you become aware that you have a choice. And when you choose consciously what you want to put out into the world, you start to recognize how powerful you really are.

You have the power to change everything by changing one thing. You have the power to dissolve all the fear that’s inside of you. You have the power to shift right now and become your fifth-dimensional self. You can begin operating as your higher self right now. You step into that power when you step into the realm of your heart center, and you get to experience how powerful you are through your ability to create and manifest. Those abilities are always within you, but they are often underutilized by you. And if you really want to understand how powerful you are, you must be willing to let go of all the times you tried to do something and did not.

It is okay to have had a life of trial and error, because all of it has gotten you to this point where you now realize more clearly not only who and what you really are, but how to move through the world as a powerful creator being. Let go of thoughts of limitation, and embrace the truth of who you are as Source Energy, and you will find so much glory, so much excitement, so much creativity and so much bliss in the present moment, that you won’t be able to understand why you ever lived a life that was more conditional. Be the unconditional love that you are, and you will know that powerful force that is within you is ready to be utilized in any moment of any day.

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”


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