New Video: Star Nations + Sacred Spaces – Still Here! 💫


Hello my Friend –

As we get ready for another powerful Full Moon, this week’s Message speaks to the powerful Star Nations presences of New Mexico’s amazing Chaco Canyon.

These excavated remains are still the sacred spaces of the Pueblo people’s ancestors, known then as the Anasazi, who during the time of 850 CE to about 1200 CE, built astounding architecture —

Sacred kivas, living structures, and roads that aligned perfectly with certain planetary positions and star constellations. 

Clearly, they were not only visited by, but lived with and learned from their Star family — their own ancestry.

Starseed: Your Indigenous 🌟 Galactic 🌟 Memories Awaken Now!

When I visited Chaco with a friend last week, I felt so many beautiful presences there — the silent air is full of them — and experienced moments of truth and realization that I pray you also feel, as you take in the images of Chaco and hear the Collective speak on our galactic origins.

That history is melding into present day as we move into 5D, when Time is no longer linear, and we reclaim our true selves.

Go here for the written transcript of this week’s Message, and here for the video version.

As always, higher energies are embedded throughout.

Great thanks to my friend Richard Golden, who let me use his photos of Utah petroglyphs for this Message, in addition to my own photos of petroglyphs at Chaco and at Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque.

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Abundant Living Podcast: Manifesting & the 💎 Law of Assumption 💎 Ep 20

I’ve been doing the processes in this book — easy and fun to do — and miracles are Already happening for me, as they will for you, my friend! So get the book and give it a try, Creator god/goddess! 

I Give Thanks for you, great Light Bringer!

Despite the melee around us now, you are powerful, and the Light has won.

With more Love than I can say,

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