25th August 2023. Mike Quinsey.


25th August 2023. Mike Quinsey. 

The people of your planet are gradually waking up to their true reality and no longer prepared to accept what is given them as the truth. They are thinking for themselves and see so much evidence that tells them they are being deliberately mislead, and lied to cover up the real truth regarding contact with Et’s. In truth it has been going on since the end of World War Two, when the opportunity to agree peaceful co-existence was then turned down. It was meant to have an agreement to ban the use of nuclear weapons but to no avail as our Leaders refused the offer of World Peace.

The dark Ones were able to dictate the outcome due to their presence at a high level. However, in the ensuing years the balance has changed, and Light is now the prominent energy on your planet and gradually overcoming resistance. The Light was always destined to win the battle for control of the Earth, and for some time now their presence has ensured that a peaceful conclusion will eventually be reached.

It is your destiny to overcome the resistance to change for the betterment of Mother Earth, it is not an easy time to be on it with so many changes taking place whether planned or natural, but be assured we will be on hand to assist you. Our brief is to stop matters getting out of hand and ensuring a smooth passage. That level has not yet been reached but your destiny of a peaceful existence is assured.

Having been given the opportunity to progress we see many, many eager souls waiting an opportunity to help mankind overcome the immediate obstacles on their path. Be assured that when their time comes we will ensure that all works out satisfactorily. It is a pity that your progress is affected by planetary troubles primarily being the Russian/Ukraine war. However, there is a real prospect of it finishing very soon for which all of you will be most thankful.  It will be the last major war to be fought on Earth all will be very grateful.

Better times lay ahead and progress will be so quick it will take your breath away. So much is waiting an opportunity that will immediately improve the quality of life, after all progress never really stops regardless of what is happening around you. You are in a new cycle that is destined to raise the vibrations to levels that assure you of a much better quality of life, free from wars so that mankind’s efforts can be channelled into peaceful work that benefits all of you.

In time all souls will experience a peace on Earth that will bring great happiness to all people who will have settled their differences and live together as one big happy family. The bounties of the Earth will be shared and enable everyone to live happily together, having realised that there is only the one God and that you are all his children and loved beyond measure.

The future is not all gloom and doom, far from it and you can be assured that all the promises that have been made will come to fruition. Your place is to keep on track for Ascension by maintaining your high vibrations and service to other people, as you are passing through demanding times and in part the Human Race is creating its own destiny by its action and thoughts.

However, with your experience and understanding of what is taking place, you should be able to get through this period quite comfortably. Should you weaken for any reason we will be with you to ensure that you do not go astray. We have always been with you as your companions and bound to help you when in need.  The dark Ones desire to control you to prevent you realising your full potential and ascending, knowing that it will be their demise, yet also as Children of God they have a pathway out of their self-made prison.

Dear Ones, never doubt the power that you have to overcome any obstacle placed on your path. You are powerful beyond your present understanding and it is only self-belief that will enable you to become the powerful soul that you really are. Understand that it is up to you how soon you rise up and are able to put your capabilities to good use. For some healing abilities are a way of expressing their desire to help others. It can be in many ways and by your example you encourage others to follow in your footsteps. Clearly not everyone is born to be the same but some will carry abilities through their life that can be used in service to others.

You are born with the genes that will enable you to carry out whatever you planned to do where others are concerned. It is why some souls from a very young age know exactly what they want to do when they grow up, and nothing will distract them from achieving success. Life at times seems full of coincidences that lead you to your goal and in the main you have your Guides to thank for arranging matters for you. Naturally, you will meet them when your “tour of duty” is over and what a celebration it will be. Many of you can sense the presence of your Guides or indeed other entities but there is clearly no reason to be alarmed.

Go about your business with joy and belief in the ultimate outcome because your life can be one of complete satisfaction. Karma may crop up at any time but is unlikely for those souls who have raised their vibrations. Bear in mind that thoughts are just as powerful as the spoken word so be careful as to how much power/energy you give to them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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