When everything goes quiet on the inside…


Notes from an Evolving World
22 August 2023

Hello Beautiful  ~

How are you? I’ve felt really quiet lately. I’ve been binge watching “Manifest” on Netflix. Walking outside with Lily. Cooking, sleeping, resting, and there has been lots of doing nothing. I feel quiet on the inside.

Sometimes when I’m changing a lot I notice that my mind just gets quiet. Everything on the inside of me, goes quiet. I don’t have ideas, or that many thoughts. I feel good, but it’s a very soft feeling of kind of being preoccupied. But with nothing conscious.

I often get impatient with this mode when it’s happening. Even though I’m familiar with it now and always come out of these times of deep rearranging, inspired and clear and enthused.

I think as humans we really like action. So I’ve been taking joy in action that makes sense right now. It’s all very mundane stuff. Taking out the trash. Organizing my bookshelves. Making a list of art supplies to replenish my studio.

I cannot really take anything more in, so there’s not been reading or even much writing. Thus my limited posts here.

Are you feeling this kind of quiet inner space? How are you?

Reply and share if you like. Or add your comment to this post on the Expect Wonderful Facebook Page where you can read other’s comments. And no matter where you are, be generous and kind of loving to yourself, today.

You’re not behind.

You’re not supposed to be somewhere else, or further along.

Everything is actually okay. Even if it doesn’t really feel that way right now.

All is well and you belong and are deeply loved and supported. Center in that. Allow yourself to be loved. And to feel it.

All is One. All is Love.


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