An Oasis of Serenity and Peace in Troubled Times


I understand how deeply upsetting the events of our time are for everyone. Believe me. 

We prefer to have stable lives, where we are not prone to sudden upsets and disruptions. In today’s world, that’s just not happening for anyone. 

Each day, we are faced with an array of challenges that boggle the mind and stress the spirit. Great tragedies can and do occur. And we have to wonder: Will this ever end? 

In the late 1990s I was contacted telepathically by the source of the Law of One series, after reading the first four books and ‘attuning’ to its presence. 

The Law of One reminds us of the basic principles of Ageless Wisdom — which include the fact that our entire reality is a projection of formless and timeless Foreverness. 

It can be difficult to remember the true calling of our souls when we are mired in such constant struggle — but that’s exactly when we need to hear these words the most. 

Less than a year after I began reading the Law of One, I had ‘attuned’ to its ‘vibration’ enough that I began hearing similar words in my own mind when I’d first wake up. 

These words began predicting the future with shocking accuracy, and giving me a wealth of highly personalized guidance — much like an expert spiritual therapist. 

Michael repeatedly gives instructions on specific techniques you can use to develop your own powerful intuitive contact — and get results.

The central focus of the Michael Prophecies is the incredibly calming effect it has upon you, the reader, as you bathe in its pool of radiance. 

Suddenly the curtain is ripped away — and the true vista of life, personality and identity is revealed to you, the seeker. 

Instead of this moment, boiling with perplexity, a much grander Now is accessed — in which all is well, and you are intrinsically safe — by virtue of your True Self. 

The more you hear words like this, the more your soul opens itself to Unlimited Potential. And Michael says your potential will be vastly, vastly increasing very soon. 

Archangel Michael identifies himself as the true source of the Law of One in this material, and reveals that we are all headed for a cosmic magic-carpet ride.

Michael predicts by no later than Memorial Day 2025, it becomes, “Like it or not, here we are.” Reality coheres to a new set of principles. 

In Book Six, which I just completed for you to read, Michael says he and his people have “done this many times before, and will do it many times again.” 

It is natural for a planet of third-density humans like us to experience a sudden, quantum upgrade without earth changes. Nothing can possibly be more exciting. 

The latest 2023 crop formations are so obviously connected to the Michael Prophecies, and our message about sacred geometry in genetics, that I am truly mystified.

When you read Michael’s teachings and prophecies, you begin developing “attunement.” You think differently. You no longer have the same patterned responses. 

The more your thoughts can be those of love and trust, rather than of panic, stress, concern and anxiety, the more you naturally magnetize success and happiness. 

These words are not just prophecies — they are soul-re-aligning musical tones that will actually improve the quality of how you live and function, from a higher perspective. 

Each book is filled with staggeringly beautiful poetry from beyond space and time. The constant arrival of accurate prophecies only adds to the core of the message. 

We are in the Time of Times. The Day of Days. This is It. There is no turning back. Each clock hour and calendar day will relentlessly march forward. Are you ready for it? 

If what these books say is true, then we are all now being prepared for a Graduation of far greater awesomeness than we would ever dare to imagine.

That preparation can feel incredibly difficult, demeaning and humiliating. Life is not a walk through the flower gardens by any means. And pain leads to transformation. 

On a personal note, your order also saves me from the two years of hell I’ve been through to write all of this. 

I have taken no vacations and spared no expense of time or energy to do these books. 

Sign up now for the cosmic ride of a lifetime — and enjoy the immediate benefits of the soul-level relaxation you will feel once you understand that we are being protected. 

I can often tell who in the ‘community’ has read the books by virtue of the confidence they project, the certainty of their knowing, and various references they often drop. 

These books are not a product of my imagination and they are not fiction. This is something very profound that will change your life. I have great confidence in that. 

Thanks again for your support!

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Gratitude & love,

David Wilcock


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