Why – Why Not

Why – Why Not

Selacia’s Creating Process

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to share a new creating process that came to me as I was contemplating the 2023 Divine Changemakers course that begins in September. Feel free to apply it in your own life and let me know how it goes!


Here’s some background of how I discovered this process. As is typical for me, I often receive intuitive guidance when I’m doing something else (e.g. walking, driving, doing errands). There’s an openness that arises in me when I take my “thinking mind” off of something I want to know. All of a sudden I’ll hear a word, get a symbol, have a feeling accompanied by goosebumps, or get a title to something like my next Divine Changemakers course.

Most likely you relate to this quite tangibly. If not, trust me – your soul’s guidance is communicating to you on the inner planes relentlessly!

My Example

One morning as I walked down the hill to the ocean – my mind clear and my body enjoying the sunshine – a word came into my mind. I heard “dancing.” When I asked within why I was hearing that word dancing, my guidance said: “You are in a state of joy and celebration.” It felt good to hear that, for like most of you, living in these times of mega change has been challenging beyond what I remember “signing up for!

As I continued walking – my mind clear and feeling inspired – I heard the words “dancing in the fire.” When I inquired within – “Why dancing in the fire?” – my guidance said: “You have been learning how to courageously step into the fire and dance.” As I contemplated those words, which made total sense, I again asked why I was hearing this right then. My guidance said: “Why not – your path as a Divine Changemaker is to lead the way and help others do what you have learned to do.”

By the time I walked home from the ocean that day, it was clear to me that the theme of my 2023 Divine Changemakers course was “Dancing In The Fire Of Change!”

“Why – Why Not” Creating Process

I suggest tailoring this simple creating process to your style. The purpose is to turn off your thinking mind, so you can be open to inner guidance. When your mind is clear without agenda, you are more open to your inner wisdom. This wise part of you understands how to bring things to your attention, the “why” that gives you context, and the “why not” that validates why what you are hearing is relevant to your soul’s path.

Experiment with this over the next several days:

  • For 20 minutes or so, take a walk or do a mundane task that doesn’t engage your thinking mind.
  • As you begin your walk or task, set your intention to stop the mind chatter and let go of thinking, ruminating, planning. Avoid looking at your phone or responding to calls, emails, texts. This is YOU time.
  • Be open – without pushing or any agenda – to receiving from the universe.
  • Continue your walk or task, paying attention to any word(s), feelings, images, symbols arising within you.
  • If you notice something like a word, ask “why” – then let go of an answer, and continue your walk or task, with an openness to insights. Letting go is key. Once you’ve done that, your inner wisdom may provide clarity, and an answer to the question “why not?” – that validates why what you are hearing is relevant to your soul’s path.
  • Before sleep, invite a knowing of what your inner guidance wants you to understand.

As a reminder, most things in life are simple. Our ego can make things complex, however, tricking us into disbelieving that a simple process can lead to a breakthrough.

Next Up

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Coming in September: “Dancing In The Fire Of Change”!

I’m thrilled to announce my Divine Changemakers 2023 annual 4-week live Divine Changemakers Course “Dancing In The Fire Of Change“! This will be unlike any of my courses to date, so you won’t want to miss it. I’ve been listening to your feedback and tuning into what you as a Divine Changemaker need to live in joy, make sense of our often nonsensical world, and discover how to manifest the next pieces of your soul’s purpose.

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Feel free to contact me for more information on my new 2023 Divine Changemakers course, and to let me know if a certain article, meditation, or process has been helpful.

Thank you for being a part of my life journey in these auspicious moments, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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