New Album Streaming Everywhere Today!


Hi my friend,

Whether it’s nurturing the part of us that needs support during hard times, or helping us celebrate special times in our lives, music has a magical way of doing it all.

For a good while, I haven’t fully shared certain music I’ve created, because it has more of a pop / mainstream sound, and explores both the shadow and light aspects of being human, which is a departure from the relaxing sound healing you may have previously heard from me.

However, I’ve been feeling nudged for awhile to bring this music forward, in hopes that it may be able to bring some comfort, joy and inspiration to someone.

Today is that day!

I’m grateful to announce that a reworked and remastered version of my pop album Awake is now available on all of your favorite streaming services.

You’ll notice that the first half of the album navigates through and brings support to the shadow parts of ourselves, and the second half of the album is about having fun, healing and celebrating.

Listen now on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora or your favorite streaming platform.

Here’s the song list in case you’d like to hear them in order.

1.   This is … Me (Intro)

2.   Mistake

3.   Lost

4.   Key to My Heart (Featuring Jymini)

5.   On Your Own

6.   Mystic Girl

7.   Best Part of You

8.   So Amazing

9.   Your Eyes (Featuring S.I.M.#1)

10. Beautiful World

Some of the songs you may already know, and others will be brand new to you.

Each song includes 528 Hz to create a deeper sound healing experience for the listener.

You can also add the music to your Instagram, TikTok and other social media stories and posts.

If you do, I’d love to know which one of the songs you’re feeling the most right now by including it in one of your stories or posts. Please also make sure to mention/tag me so I can share it on my social channels. 

Thank you for your kindness and support, and I hope you enjoy the music.




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