For Starseeds: This is Why You’re on Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


For Starseeds: This is Why You’re on Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are extending ourselves out to all of you who are looking for help and for contact with extra-terrestrials. We do not have physical bodies, and so, most people might not think of us as extra-terrestrial, but we exist and we were not born on your planet. We ascended within our star system, which is why we still identify as Arcturian. We are much more universal than that now, however, and we have quite the reach across this universe of ours. This is a time when there are more and more people wanting off of planet Earth, and we understand why.

We understand how hard it is to be there at this time, but we want to encourage you to reach out to the non-physical, to collectives like ourselves, to help give you a reason to stay there on Earth, because we need you there as our ground crew, and also because you will never experience anything quite as satisfying as helping an entire race of beings on a planet ascend. That’s as good as it gets in terms of fulfilling a mission, a life’s purpose. Your souls have journeyed so much and so far, throughout so many dimensions to get there, and now that you are there, you long to be somewhere else, and that somewhere is usually another star system.

This is why we say we are extending ourselves out to you at this time. We always have, but we really want you to hear it right now, and more importantly, to feel it. We want you to feel our energy, as well as Pleiadian, Sirian, and Andromedan energy at this time, as we are all working together to help the starseeds feels more at home there on Earth. We reach out to you and we deposit what is needed in your energy fields to give you more of a sense of home, a sense of belonging. And those of you who can open up and receive with ease will be able to feel what it is that all of us are serving up at this time. Others will just notice that they feel a little less angst, a little less homesick, and a little more comfortable in their environment.

We are seeking to reach everyone, regardless of whether they are awake, because that is one of the ways in which people awaken. People awaken all the time because of bizarre experiences that they cannot explain. We seek to be one of those bizarre experiences for some of your unawakened human counterparts there. Those of you who know about us and other e.t.s will be able to help the newly awakened to make sense of these experiences, and while you are waiting for people to reach out to you, we suggest you open up to the energies that we are sending, the energies that the Sirians, Andromedans, and Pleiadians are also sending, because you do need that validation sometimes that everything is going according to plan.

You do need to be reminded at times that you are on the right track and that this isn’t all just a mistake. Everything that is happening on your world today is very calculated, and it is meant to get more people to release what no longer serves them, which will help every single person who does that releasing get what they need. The energies are strong and will continue to get stronger, because we hear your prayers, your cries, and the way that you feel homesick, and we just want all of you to be able to call Earth home so that you can help the Earthlings to ascend.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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