Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/17/2023 • You are Born to be Free


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you was born knowing you were completely free. You entered the world expecting to experience the contrast which would inspire you to create. You came knowing you could adjust your vibration and attract whatever you wanted.

None of you ever said, “I want to give someone else control over my life. I want someone else to dictate my happiness or unhappiness. I want to give someone else power over my future. I want to let what someone is doing now, and all they’ve done in the past dictate what I experience in my life and my future.”

Yet, most of you learned to do that somewhere along the way.

You learned to give the behavior and opinions of others more “air time” than the desires of your own soul. You learned to enjoy the “high” of others’ dramas rather than the peace of God within. You learned to focus on what others were doing wrong instead of what you were doing right.

Dear ones, with each decision you make, you can reclaim your God-given power to be the sole creator in your life. While you may be affected by others, you need not let the effect be significant.

Suppose you see something in the news that concerns you. You worry about how it might affect your life. Although innocently, you are starting to give your power away to the behaviors of others. You are focusing on something you don’t want, thereby drawing more of what you don’t want to you. If, instead, you see something on the news that concerns you and remind yourself immediately. “Ah well, this is someone else’s journey I am witnessing. I create my own reality. I will sit briefly and envision a better and kinder world.” Then dear ones, even if the behavior on the news is violent and angry, you will attract kind and loving souls into your life.

Suppose you are around someone in your personal life who behaves badly—a boss, coworker, child, or spouse. You can’t help but witness their anger, upset, or worry. They are right in front of you. You may not be able to control them, but you can control how much you focus on their negativity vs. how much you focus on their light or the light in anything else around you.

Your spouse may grumble incessantly about the state of the world. You can argue, complain with them, or choose a better vibration. You can say, “Yes, things are stirred up, but we’re going to have a great dinner tonight!” You can enjoy your own vibration even when they do not enjoy theirs.

Suppose someone accuses you of putting your head in the sand and ignoring “reality” instead of getting worked and angry. You can get defensive and upset by focusing on their accusation, or you can happily agree! “Yes, I am ignoring much of what makes me miserable while I’m busy being happy!” They may not like that statement. They wanted you to join them in their anger. So what, dear ones? You get to choose. You get to focus on things that make you feel better. Unless you choose this, you are not on a leash tied to feel what others feel.

Your world is loaded with stark contrasts right now. You already know this. You see it frequently. There are substantial political divides. There are arguments about technology and where it is going. There are clashes between old and new parenting styles, education, environmentalism, etc. If you believe contrast is terrible, this can be terrifying. If you see through the eyes of your soul, you’ll see an evolving world. The stirring up of the old is birthing the new! The political division inspires young souls who are focusing on solving the world’s challenges here and now. While old systems argue about the best way to clean up the environment, young people are actually doing it. While people debate and rage about politics, other individuals are vibrationally and physically creating a unified world in their own lives connecting with those who also want harmony.

You cannot change systems by fighting systems. You can not change others by making them wrong. You will only defeat yourself. You will chain yourself, vibrationally speaking to that which you focus upon. You can never wish for your horrible ex to know the pain they have caused you without causing yourself horrendous pain. You vibrationally chain yourself to that which you focus upon. Turn away, dear ones, from the things that upset you. Turn your sights towards a better world and kinder people. The thoughts that give you joy will become your reality if you allow yourself to enjoy them and give the universe space to deliver their essence

If you lalow yourself to live in a more loving expectant vibration, you will get something that matches the feeling of what you want—something which surprises and delights you! If you dim your light, dial down your vibration, and allow negative situations and people who crave your focus and vibrational companionship to own your mind, then you will delay your creations.

You never intended to be chained to the behaviors of another. Use your power of focus to turn the other cheek, to look away from what upsets, worries, and creates negativity within you. Turn your sights to the good in this world, the good you can find now, and the good you wish to see. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and the door will be opene

The antics of others can become no more impactful than the antics of characters in a play – a play in which you all get to focus on and act in the roles you choose. No matter who does what around you, choosing to remain a victim or become a creator is only a matter of focus. Place your sights where you want them to be, and don’t allow the negativity of others to grab your attention for more than a few seconds. Your spirit and your energy are valuable resources. You are worthy of so much more.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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