Thinking of Fathers: The Divine Masculine returns! 😬


Hello My Friend – 

Like many people, for many years whenever Father’s Day came around — signs and commercials everywhere, pushing gift ideas and cards on us — I would do my best to block it out.

Far too much pain was still unresolved regarding my own father (and his father — and his). I could not celebrate Fatherhood, or the Masculine.

Yet this week’s Message talks about powerful change.

The Divine Masculine is once again very active on Earth — and offers healing energies.

Fathers & Masculinity: The Healing Energies of the Divine Masculine

It is time to release old pain and trauma from any father figure or male authority figure in this or any life who has wounded or abandoned us as he acted out of his own wounding:

“You will have had times when you felt crushed by that which is often called the ‘wounded masculinity.’

And that comes from this very ‘radical’ requirement that anything you cannot understand—take into your life, take into your Knowing of how life is and what it offers—is probably oppositional, and ought to be squashed or repressed.

You see this exemplified in the military over and over.

And then you see, as in [ET disclosure advocate] Dr [Steven] Greer’s recent YouTube recording, you see military men allowing themselves extreme vulnerability and emotion.

In front of the many millions who will see that video. And you realize, ‘Things have changed!’ . . . “

Go here for the full written Message, which I found very healing, and full of the energies of forgiveness and rebirth.

I want to also invite you to call in tonight to A Night at the Roundtable at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern, on, Station 1!

My wonderful friend, Energy Healer and Transformational Coach Sherri Ina Bausch will be joining me for a Live Energy Session to assist anyone calling in with an issue they would like support for.

So please do call in with an issue you would like insights and energy work for. We are happy to assist!

The numbers to call for Station 1 are: 888 – 627-6008 or 323 – 744-4831.

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Much Love to you, my friend!

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