“Why does life have to be so hard?” 😬


Greetings, Amazing One!

I pray you and yours are well — and pushing through the onslaught of powerful Light hitting this planet now!

If life has felt particularly hard lately, you’re not alone.

In fact, that’s what this week’s Message is about.

I speak with Lady Master Quan Yin, known as a goddess of mercy and compassion, asking about the energies flowing in due to the exploding star (supernova) in the Pinwheel galaxy, whose Light is reaching us now. 

COR: So along with powerful solar activity, the intensity of the current energies has only increased with this supernova, plus other portals opening and planetary alignments.

The Full Moon energies of June 3rd were so freeing and positive.

But now I and so many others just feel to be in turmoil at times. It’s stirred up something from deep within us.

My question is, Is this speeding along our Ascension, and the freeing of our planet from dark forces?

And my request is, Would you and all other Ascended Masters please assist us in integrating all of this?

And help us call on our higher selves for direction, to not go into Overload?

Amidst all these shifts, I’ve been asking some days (not for the first time), “Why does life has to be so hard?”

QUAN YIN: We are aware of what you speak of.

I and all of your friends in the Collective, and all the soul groups I work with now to assist in the Ascension process, are all powerfully involved in all you speak of, dear one.

You and many others may indeed feel isolated some days, as you seek to balance all of the incoming energies and the messages they hold. Some of these are new forms of information, and some are so ancient as to be timeless.

Yet all of these coded messages speak powerfully to the DNA and to the etheric body, as well as to the connection the physical body has to the soul and higher self.

Ms Fenn is correct in saying that the final expression of the star’s life, and the dissemination of that history throughout the universal records, will affect all who receive the star’s remaining Light.

You may indeed feel both sadness and Joy some days, a lightness that is interrupted by moments of grief or unsureness, as if things were even more tenuous on Earth than you had thought . . . 

Go here for the full Message, which to me felt so honest, both about what we are going through, and very positive, regarding the breakthroughs happening on the planet now.

Much Love to you as we travel this brand new path, my friend!

P S  I’m happy to announce that there will be two Live Q&A Calls with the Collective this month!


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