You are Sovereign Beings, so reclaim your Sovereignty NOW!

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As humanity waits expectantly for its collective awakening, we in the spiritual or non-physical realms are flooding the Earth and all her sentient life forms with Love and healing energies.  We are massively strengthening your individual life force-fields as you undergo the intense and ongoing energy frequency changes or transmutations that are part of your awakening process.  Events of a seemingly momentous nature are occurring world-wide, putting you all under enormous stress.  Know that it is certain that these will be resolved, and that you will awaken.

As you all assist one another, all of humanity, to come to a full awareness of the insanity of so many of your present forms of interaction – one on one or globally – your main task is just to be.  I cannot sufficiently emphasize the importance of this.  Just being is allowing yourselves not to engage angrily, fearfully, or judgmentally when you get “triggered.”

Everyone gets triggered, it’s part of your collective as well as your individual egos.  When that happens it is very important to be able to take a breath or two before responding – LOVINGLY.  You know that Love is the only Reality, and yet you regularly get distracted from your awareness of that Truth, as you go about your daily lives and events or situations arise that displease you.  Love is the only sane response in any situation or interaction, and that is what so many are finally beginning to realize.

As Love continues to express Itself far more powerfully through each one of you, those who are engaging with life unlovingly will find that fewer and fewer people are willing to support them in their unacceptable words and actions.  People are turning towards Love because they realize that nothing else works or ever has, and that LOVE DOES!  Love, lovingly and honestly engaged with, heals ALL wounds.  Love is your nature, Love is your Reality, Love is who you are.  Remind yourselves frequently of this divine Truth.

Notice how the awakening process is continuing to express itself lovingly in all of your lives by softening your feelings as they arise, and by bringing to your attention the intense effectiveness of being loving instead of judging, blaming, or condemning either yourselves or others for perceived errors, dishonest actions, or intentional deceit.  You are all God’s beloved children, and therefore your intent is always to be loving, even though as humans in form you frequently forget this.  To awaken is to remember this and put it into practice in your daily lives.  You know that this is the only meaningful and honest way to live, but your egos continuously draw to your attention times or memories when others have, in your opinion, treated you unjustly or unfairly.

These times or memories are very deeply embedded because you c h o s e to be hurt and offended when they occurred.  But you can only be hurt or offended if you c h o o s e to accept these unkind and invalid offerings from others and dwell on them, thus confirming your own inner feelings of unacceptability or unworthiness.  As you do know,deep within yourselves, you cannot possibly be unacceptable or unworthy, because you are the beloved children of God, created in Love for eternal Joy.

However, all of you, during infancy and childhood, were to some extent shamed, disgraced, and judged unworthy, and at that early stage of your lives – when you were still partially aware of your apparent choice to separate from Mother/Father/God – you were already carrying an underlying sense of guilt.  Your egos built on this in order to be able to direct and control you, and have indeed been very successful in doing so.  And yet you all do have an underlying sense that this cannot be right, that you do have a right to be, and that the negative judgment of others is invalid.  This knowing is unsettling, and your egos have done an excellent job of using this to undermine your belief in yourselves – the knowing of your divine nature with which God inspired you at the moment of your creation, an infinitely long time before you were born into form as a human infant.

Yes, as humans in form your egos are useful, but when you developed them it was with that intent alone, to have them be helpful.  However, because of the kind of environment you constructed in which to experience separation, you found it useful to give them increasing amounts of power or control over you by allowing them to direct your bodies’ emotional responses to events and situations that arose in your lives, and you saw others doing likewise.  You, as it were, withdrew from the decision making process and allowed your egos free reign.  This has been occurring for many eons, and now is the time to reclaim your sovereignty from your unwise and fearful egos.

You are Sovereign Beings, so reclaim your Sovereignty NOW!

As you have been told so often, and as I now repeat again, it is absolutely essential that you spend quiet time alone daily with all means of communication silenced.  During this quiet time a l l o w yourselves to be free from all thoughts or anxieties; when they arise be aware of them and choose not to attend to them.  Just focus on resetting your intent to be only loving whatever arises during the day – deep within you all this is always your intent, and you do know it – then invite Love to flow freely into your hearts, and from there to flow through you out into the world to assist everyone in their individual awakening processes.  EVERYONE is awakening, even if that does not appear to you to be the case.  And, you can assist them, in fact you are assisting them, unless you make a very positive egoic choice not to do so.

You all know that your present life as humans has a deeply spiritual purpose.  Mostly, of course, you spend much time either dismissing that possibility so that you can focus on ‘reality,’ your demanding daily human lives and the responsibilities that they entail, or you spend time wondering how you, inadequate and unworthy as you believe yourselves to be, could possibly have such a purpose.

So, once again, I must remind you that as Divine Beings all your doubts and worries about inadequacy for your task or unworthiness to serve Mother/Father/God are utterly and completely invalid.  God created you all as perfect beings like unto Herself, and what She creates is unchanging, and eternally Divine.  Once again, LET GO of your Ego-driven doubts and anxieties, and allow yourselves to feel and be fully aware of the Love that you are in every moment, even when you lose your cool and react angrily to someone.  That loss of control, or, more correctly, relinquishment of control to your egos is an unreal, and only momentary expression of your feelings.  Your feelings are always valid, but it is generally unloving to express them in an attack or a judgment of either yourselves or others, as often they are fleeting, inappropriate, and will quickly pass if you do not cling to them, a habit that many have difficulty breaking.

BE KIND.  That is your nature, and enjoy the peace and contentment that result.

With so very much love, Saul.


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