SHOCKING Leaked Document Reveals Conspiracy Against UFO Community


Reveals Conspiracy Against
UFO Community

Watch Video Scan of Document
Preliminary Investigative Document Leak
Exposes “Disclosure Syndicate!”
By Corey Goode, May 2023


For the last three years, I have had to remain silent while my opponents increased their public gang stalking campaign. I have had to listen to people accuse me of horrific things producing zero evidence while we were sitting on a treasure trove of evidence that we feel prove our allegations. Normally, gangstalkers hide their activities while under investigation or being sued in Federal court. On the contrary, my opponents have taken opportunistic advantage of the slowdowns in the judicial system due to the pandemic to further destroy my reputation and business interests. At last, the community is seeing real evidence to back up my claims instead of the constant barrage of rumor and false accusations.


Many people have chosen to believe the rampant rumors and shallow analyses.


After the leak of my deposition in the case of Goode vs. Ramsaur, Kennedy, Youngblood, a preliminary investigative report has been kicking around in the background and has now surfaced on Twitter. Since this very preliminary report, produced in relation to a Federal Racketeering (RICO) Civil Suit 1:20-cv-742 – Colorado 10th Circuit Federal Court, investigators have uncovered additional information that’s even more shocking.


This report and the details that will come out in the lawsuits will make it abundantly clear why I had to do what I did in my deposition to protect my life story from all of these people.


This sort of thing has happened to many others in the community, also! I am just the first to fight back and then expose what has been going on over the last few years. These allegations are backed up with evidence and being tried in the judicial system. Much more will come out by the end of these lawsuits, and then will follow our Reality TV series based on all of these crazy experiences.

The Disclosure Establishment will never be the same again!
The Ufology/Disclosure Establishment, which works more like a Disclosure Syndicate, is using its agents and representatives in an organized effort to destroy me and my lawsuit before all of their compromised and sometimes criminal behavior is exposed. The Ufology control system has done everything it can to black list and censor my disclosures. The topic of Disclosure itself  and the Community  are utterly compromised and controlled.

Was there a PsyOp to create a Truther Civil War?

Read the full preliminary report here and decide for yourself:
PDF Download: Red Torch Goode Preliminary Report


For example, here is an excerpt from Page 8 of the report:


“During the investigative process a document, ‘Taking Part in the PSYOP/Disinfo Operation Against Corey Goode?’ was found which contained a series of statements showing a pattern of what might be termed ‘PsyOps’ methods to support the removal of Goode by manipulation of information.”


Page 12 of the report reveals a “civil war” strategy:


“The first is in the email sent on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 to Corey Goode, …in which JackSmith exposes the purpose of attacks made against Goode.

‘I am a part of the team who created the strategy to start this “civil war” in the UFO community. This happened after you & Mr Wilcock released your “Antarctica” information. We deployed the strategy after Contact in the Dessert Conference. Our team tried, as an example, to persuade/influence Jordan Sather to remove & distance himself from you, Mr Goode, after the conference…’


The actions described in this document clearly lay out the intention of a group trying to control and profit from the Esoteric Community by destroying and dividing this community. In addition, they had a destructive impact on not only David Wilcock’s marriage, but also on what were previously valued friendships and business relationships.


Much more will become public as the civil and criminal cases wrap up.


I invite those of you in this community to tell of your own experiences and what you’ve witnessed over the years. You may have had similar things happen to you, or this may have radically changed how you view this community. Please post your videos to social media and tag me (@coreygoode), also using the hashtag #DisclosureSyndicate so that the producers of a new Reality TV show on this topic can find your content easily. This has been hell for my family and business associates to live through and is going to make some SHOCKING Reality TV show episodes. We will also have other big names in Disclosure come on the show and share their horror stories of being extorted, stolen from and having their lives threatened. We intend to show a side of Disclosure that no one has ever shown.

To the many of you who have written in with your support, and others who have also donated to the legal fund to help support these important lawsuits, Stacy and I are eternally grateful. If you’d like details of these cases or wish to contribute, you’ll find more at:

Thank you,
Corey Goode




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