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Daybreak – Care-full Kindness & Vulnerability

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Embodying the Mother’s Essence

Dear Linda,

As I write this, Mother’s Day is being celebrated in the US. To be sure, mothers everywhere certainly deserve to be celebrated and appreciated not only today but each and every day, for I honestly can’t think of a more challenging job. And its rewards don’t typically come through physical or material means – how many mothers get paid for this 24/7work? None that I know of. The sweet rewards of motherhood – and yes, the pain of its losses – flow not through a bank account, but through the heart.

In this Mother’s Day Message, Universal Mother Mary assures us that “There is not one of you, regardless of whether you are in male or female form, regardless of whether you have children or not, that has not been a Mother…that has not known the joys, the pain, the grief, the suffering, the gladness, the smiles, the tears of being a Mother.”

And there’s a reason each of us has, at some or many points, in one form or another, embraced the gift, blessing, honor and mission of the role of mother. She tells us, “It is a promise to me to be the embodiment of my pattern, more deeply, more clearly – to be the loving nurturer, guide, caretaker, steward, custodian, teacher to these beloved ones who have so innocently and courageously volunteered to assume form.”

Motherhood – and yes, fatherhood too – is not only an embracing of hope, but a calling forth and anchoring of the Keys of Heaven: love, trust and forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance – in form upon Gaia. It offers perhaps the greatest opportunity to deeply embody the Divine Qualities, aka B&Vs.

UMM tells us, “In being a Mother you are utilizing all of my blessings and virtues, all the power of patience and endurance and fortitude, of awe and wonder, of joy and glee, of thanksgiving. As mothers, you know this. You know the trials and tribulations. And you know the joy and the victory.”

Mothering is a sacred undertaking; a sacred trust of bringing forth and nurturing growth. And this – whether it be of a child, a garden, a dream, vision or creation – is an act of love. It requires gentle persistence and fierce determination, expanding our hearts and entire beings as we more deeply embody and anchor the Blue Diamond Essence of the Mother of All – within and without, above and below. And this, my friend, is a cause for celebration!

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