Replay of Q&A with the Collective + Abundant Living Open Now!  😇


Here’s the thing, my Friend . . . 

We’ve all got expectations about how far we think we can go in life — limits on how much good we’ll allow.

You might have wondered at times, “Why have I stopped at this level of Love (or money, Peace of mind, fulfillment)?

“What’s stopping me from letting in more?”

Well, unconscious fears, vows, and blockages, is what. Some of them from a hundred lifetimes ago.

See the video here for examples of how the unseen blockages have had their day.

Like the brave Light Bringers on yesterday’s Live Q&A, we know — Time’s Up for that! 

Go here for the replay

A one-time event like this can be helpful.

But ongoing answers + energy support are what’s really needed now, and what the Abundant Living Program is all about, offering ongoing:

  • Energy work to clear mental / emotional / energetic blockages 
  • Vibrational lifts to help you feel more empowered and supported
  • Clarity and calming insights from your Spirit team
  • Channeled guidance that explains tough situations
  • Clearings of old 3D vows, oaths, and soul contracts from this and other lives
  • Clearings of ancestral and other interferences, including dark entities 
  • Practical tools for dissolving subconscious fears and “stuckness”
  • Clearings of energy and entity interferences
  • A beautifully supportive Light community, and more

Over the years, the Abundant Living Program has helped many find answers, encouragement, powerful energetic support, guidance, and peacefulness in their relationships, finances, health, and life purpose.

Whether you’re a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Member, you’ll receive channeled answers and energy work for your personal life questions — you can read about that, and other benefits here, which so many have found life-changing.

New Benefits include:

  • More energy clearings
  • Links to private YouTube videos that offer powerful energy work calibrated just for Members, and your biggest issues 

The Collective and your Spirit team are ready to help you release the old 3D issues and energy patterns that have held you back, so you can move more fully into a fulfilling life, and birth your dreams into reality. 

See below or go here for testimonials of how others have received vital support from ALP, especially on the weekly Q&A Calls (Gold & Platinum), or the monthly Personal Message Channelings (Silver) — all stored in their Members Portal.

Time to end 3D, and finally resolve the challenges you’ve carried for so long!

The doors are open now for New Members, so take advantage of theSpecial Lower Pricing and Bonus Gifts, available now thruWednesday, April 26 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. 

Wonderful bonuses are waiting for you in your Members Portal. For Silver Members

  • Allowing Abundance to Flow in Every Area of Your Life – guided meditation MP3
  • Creating What you Desire by Working with Energy – MP3
  • Opening to Receive – MP3
  • Galactic Healing Chamber – A Star Journey – MP3
  • The Collective Speak on Following Your Intuition – PDF
  • The Collective’s Amazon bestsellers Abundance For AllEarth Life Challenges, and Messages from the Spirits of Abundance [PDF]

Gold & Platinum Members receive those, plus:

  • Releasing Old Earth Density – guided meditation MP
  • Meeting Your Soul Family and Twin Flame – MP3
  • Living Your Life Purpose – MP3
  • And more

Plus Special Additional Launch Bonuses — the Collective’s ebook Earth Life Challenges and MP3 meditations to assist you in tapping into your soul’s power and releasing limitations.

Just go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more or sign up.

You’ll then receive a Welcome Email with the password to your Members Portal on the website, and info on the monthly Personal Message Channelings (Silver Members), or your weekly Live Q&A / Energy Work session with the Collective & your team (Platinum & Gold Members).

The first 3 people to become
New Gold or Platinum Members
between now & Wednesday will each receive
a Private One-Hour Channeling Session with the Collective

after completing two months of ALP membership


So go within, and ask your Spirit guides and higher self if ALP is right for you now!

If so, we’ll be happy to welcome you to the inner freedom and outer expansion you’ve been asking for!

Much Love & Light,


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