Join Me for a Special Soul Celebration

My friend,

There’s something so special about connecting in person at heart-centered gatherings and retreats. My feeling is that it’s because when soul family meet, a type of immediate expansion, recognition, shift and healing happens. Usually the days, weeks and months that follow are completely transformative.

I’m heading up to beautiful and healing Salt Lake City September 30th – October 1st with two dear friends, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Matt Kahn, for a special Soul celebration, and it would be an absolute joy to have you be there to play with us!

If you are ready to transcend fear, worry, lack, frustration, struggle and separation, and are ready to embrace a renewed depth of freedom, inner peace, abundance, emotional relief, and joy, then this is for you.

This retreat will be highly experiential, restorative, fun and healing.

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This Soul celebration is an invitation to:

*Amplify your embodiment of love — no matter how anyone else acts around you

*Clear stagnant emotional patterns, shift limiting beliefs, and release attachments to the past

*Learn to empath your frequency of light instead of taking on other people’s energy

*Deepen communication with your angels, spirit guides, and relatives on the other side

If you are ready to feel a more palpable sense of love, reclaim a renewed level of personal power and step into a new timeline of divine expansion, then this event is a perfect way to step into the living radiance of your soul’s potential.

The special early bird rates have been extended to May 22nd!

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With gratitude,



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