New Opportunities Coming

New Opportunities Coming Your Way

Eclipse Brings Energy Turning Point

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to describe exciting new opportunities we have to change our lives and our world. There’s a feeling of electricity in the air ahead of our first eclipse of 2023. It’s a solar eclipse in Aries on April 19-20. Continue reading for context of why this eclipse is so potent.

A Marker of Before and After

In general, eclipses are often seen as moments defining before and after. That’s because they catalyze transformation and energize mega shifts in consciousness.

On a personal level this can mean a shift in your approach that takes you out of your status quo and into something new that resonates with your soul. On a societal level the eclipse can further reveal what needs changing and new ways to transform unworkable systems.

How To Benefit Most

  1. In this eclipse cycle we are challenged to be in the here-and-now. The energies may be intense; emotions about past events could cloud our experience. We could suddenly feel tired for no apparent reason. Tip: allow for this – stay present.
  2. We can’t change the past, but we can impact our personal and collective future by what we do now. This eclipse can be just the catalyst needed – bringing inspiration and creative ideas into our personal energy fields and into society’s consciousness!
  3. Knowing that your personal energy field will receive new inspiration and creative ideas over the coming days, make the most of this. Take time to be still and listen to your heart’s wisdom as it shows you steps to take that might seem daring. Some steps may be pivotal to transforming your life path and relationships. Other steps may involve things you can contribute towards creating a more loving and compassionate world.
  4. Join with others seeking to transform. Spend time with them. Don’t be surprised if after being with them, you wake up inspired and full of ideas the next day.
  5. Group meditations can be especially powerful in these energies. If you’re not already registered for my April 22 ‘Love The Earth’ global meditation, consider joining us!

Earth Day April 22

As I wrote about last week, Earth Day is a time when humanity gathers to celebrate and express love for the planet. It’s also a time when we collectively recognize our power to bring more love into the world. This power begins with self-love, each of us contributing to the whole.

This year Earth Day occurs April 22, the day of my ‘Love The Earth’ global meditation on zoom. You can attend live or benefit fully by listening to the recording later. I would be thrilled to have you and your friends join us this year! More description is below.

Already know you want to join: register now!



If you aren’t already participating in my monthly meditations and Divine Changemakers courses, consider joining me for guided support.

For More Energetic Support 

Participate with me in 1-on-1 personal support and astrology sessions for deeper work during which I hold the space for you and guide your exploration and transformation. Attend my monthly global meditations that include guided process for life insights and healing of current challenges and old wounds.

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know if a certain article, meditation, or process has been helpful.

Thank you for being a part of my life journey in these auspicious moments, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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