Eclipse Cycle Update – Wednesday, 19 April 2023


Hello Beautiful  ~

Right now, we’re in the enormous energy of this New moon + hybrid solar eclipse in Aries. This first eclipse of 2023 occurs at 9:12 pm Pacific Time today, Wednesday, 19 April 2023.

This evolutionary alignment offers a magnificent new beginning, but only if we flow with it, by also being willing to release what needs to go.

Eclipses can force us to look at things we’ve long known need to shift, but which we’ve avoided, or felt we didn’t know how to deal with. They usher in changes that need to come, even when we may believe we’re not ready. In this way, they’re magical — they teach us that we’re not meant to do things alone, that we’re supported and Life is here for us.

Eclipses often complete some thing once, and for all.

If you’re being shown to end some thing, do what you can to be willing to release it — express your openness to let it go. If somebody is trying to leave your life, bless them and let them go.

If there’s some thing you’ve known for a long time you needed to face and move beyond now is the time. State your willingness to move through it, and invite support — from your Divine Self, from the Angelic Realm, from All That Is.

Do all you can not to avoid or resist anything that feels like it needs to move or change.

Eclipses are revolutionary, in that they are redirecting us to our souls, highest good, personally, and collectively.

This eclipse is a big one and it’s coming at a massively pivotal time. And in two weeks will have the next eclipse a lunar eclipse at 14° Scorpio.

Some things we can do to make the most of this?

Be clear about our intentions.

Be open and have faith this is happening for us, not to us.

Being willing to see what may be revealed.

It can also help to ensure we drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

Taking time to cultivate inner peace and calm. Allowing quiet time and space to allow insight or inspiration to be received. Anything that helps you to feel calm and peaceful, as well as open and receptive can be really helpful.

There’s a potential here for massive endings and massive new beginnings all at once.

The Aries energy can support our courage in noticing where this energy of endings is playing out for us.

Always know that you are massively supported in making changes that move you into your higher expression.

Bless what shifts and moves, within you and in the world.

The next two weeks will bring closure and new beginnings in many different ways for us. And the more open we are the more these shifts can elevate us. Deeply supporting our intentions to embody our highest expression.

I’ll be sharing more during this Eclipse Cycle, but this came through tonight and I wanted to write and pass it on to you. Participate in these alignments knowing, you are becoming who you truly are, here… And this energy, while it may feel quite intense, is supporting you, in that.

Blessings and love,


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