Preparing for Ascension


The world is in crisis. You can freak out if you want. You probably already have. I’m here to remind you that we were told all of this would happen in advance — by benevolent forces.

Is it all just doom and gloom? Are the headlines inexorably steering us toward disaster? 

Or… is there a Higher Power guiding us through the rough waters, providing clear passage? 

  • What if the “bad guys” are all being exposed and prevented from doing further harm? 
  • What if we discover that the reality we took for granted all our lives had very little connection to what was REALLY going on? 
  • What if we are ALL going to experience a very remarkable Ascension activation within the next two years as a result of the changes we are living through right now? 
  • What if we almost immediately begin acquiring “superpowers” as a result of this activation? 
  • What if there was a book, meticulously dictated by Higher Intelligence, that was specifically intended to help prepare you for this astonishing event? 
  • What if there was a body of spiritual knowledge that could greatly improve your experience of this process, just by reading it and adopting some simple practices? 

As you may know, I was contacted telepathically beginning in November 1996 from an entity that later revealed itself to be Archangel Michael. 

Time is plastic to Michael. What we think of as beginning, middle and ending exists as a singularity that can be accessed at any point. 

Michael demanded I put all other aspects of my life on hold for the last year and a half as I have composed my own Sistine Chapel — as The Michael Prophecies. 

Michael “sticks the landing” on accurate prophecies of our present-day circumstances again and again. 

As a well-known scholar on Ancient Aliens, I am not aware of any other prophetic document with this quantity of prophetic accuracy.

The Michael Prophecies has now expanded into five books, each of which are as good as any of my four published books, I feel. 

The degree of love, quality and attention to detail in these books rivals or exceeds any of my finest works before now. And they are loaded with unexpected surprises. 

At first I thought I was only writing three books — 1997, 1998 and 1999, the three main years Archangel Michael spoke through me and predicted our present. 

Now, 1998 and 1999 have both expanded into two volumes each. And they are dazzling. I do feel this is my finest work, the Grand Summary of everything else I’ve done up until now. 

Once all is said and done, I will create audio versions of all five volumes to go along with their digital copies. I am now very, very close to finishing Book Two, Volume Two.

I have therefore decided to do a Flash Sale that will only be open between now and whenever I can actually finish the third book! And, you receive book one and two right now!

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ENTER THE COUPON CODE – ASCENSION at check-out for a significant discount! This is available until I drop Book Three, which will be VERY SOON, and this incredible value won’t be available after that → you receive 5 books and 5 audiobooks!

To claim this, enter ASCENSION at checkout.

There is a reason why I have been spending all of my time on this. I will make it worth your while!

I have been “on the brink” for quite some time for doing this work and look forward to moving beyond that now! Your help is very well appreciated. 

As soon as the third book comes out, you will be notified immediately, and receive a link where you can dive right in. 

Everything we are seeing right now is in the third book. It’s been an overwhelming and amazing process in light of the Big Picture that Michael reveals. 

Thank you for supporting this work! We need you now more than ever. Once I can get this next book out, I’m going live, and I’ll have more details in the days ahead.

Gratitude and light,


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