Artificial intelligence everywhere!


Beloved Ascending Family,
Here are the links to the messages for April 2023:

Elon Musk drops ‘extraordinary’ bombshell on AI dangers

This is Scary stuff…it is already being implemented and encouraged by the W.E.F. on their website.
Note from Marlene – The message from Ascended Master Lady Miriam came after I watched the video at this link. (Watch it from the very beginning)
Further research found this statement on the World Economic Forum website: 
Artificial intelligence everywhere!
“Towards the end of 2022, OpenAI’s interactive conversational model Chat GPT attracted more than a million users in just five days, and triggered a new debate on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI spending forecast to exceed $500 billion in 2023, there will be rapid advances in adaptive and generative AI.
Adaptive AI can continuously retrain its models to learn and adapt based on new experiences, without needing developers to rebuild it, leading to faster and better outcomes. Generative AI uses neural network models to create something new. Recent releases of text-to-image and text-to-video generators are appealing to consumers, but also raise significant concerns around the spread of disinformation, harmful content, copyright protections and algorithmic biases. Regulators and online watchdogs will be looking at this over the coming year.”

Some feedback from my family of readers of my Newsletter below:
Note from Marlene: Thank you all for taking the time to give me this feedback. It helps me keep on keeping on!
Dear Marlene,
Thank you, dear heart for the beautiful messages, so inspiring, so true and so pure. You are an incredible jewel of beautiful Light and just reading the messages re-centres my focus of Light.
Thank you! A.T., United Kingdom
Dear Marlene, 
Thank you for bringing messages of hope and inspiration from the realms of Light.Love, Simran 
Dear Marlene!
Today I want to again thank you personally for putting out the reading you received from Jocelyn. As I was writing to you a few years back, in search for someone who could do a personal reading for me, you advised to contact Jocelyn, which I happily did. Over the last years she did maybe 3 or 4 readings for me, which were really amazing and helping me so much to find my path, understanding the signs and using the circumstances to grow and learn.
Specially I feel drawn to Master Hilarion – that is how I came to your web-site – and Jocelyn also mentioned AA Metatron to be one of my main-guides… So it touched me deeply to find this reading from these two ascended masters…Specially in this time where I was missing so much the feeling of connection with the higher realms…Coming back also to one of your books from Master Hilarion and seeking some resonance from a beautiful ArchAngel Metatron Card Set (from Amanda Ellis).
I must say that I always said within myself ‘I do not seek any intermediary…I want to contact, feel, experience God – the Great All That Is – directly within myself ‘ , but how far away this perception is from me…
So I come – many times already first thing in the morning – to your web-site to check it out, to find some guidance, some solace and encouragement to start my day, continue the journey to more light, more love, greater awareness and wholeness.
Thank you Marlene, for your gifts you share with us! I look very much forward to more teachings and guidance from the masters!!
U.G., Austria
Scientists are shocked by this incredible discovery!

This Is Going To Change Everything!

Northern lights spotted in Arizona

Until next month!
Many blessings to you and yours!
Love Marlene


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