Ways to Work with One Music Sessions


I’ve had many people ask me how to best work with the music sessions from One, A Sound Healing Journey.

I personally love working with the 21/28 method. 

This scientifically researched approach affirms that it takes 21 days to break an old cycle or habit that we desire to move past, and it takes 28 days of integrating something new to create a new habit that is much more in alignment with what we desire to experience.

You can listen to just one session, a few, or all of them each day.

Each session has a specific title, which represents the theme and intention of that session.

Before you listen to a specific session, notice the title, and set an intention to align with the energy of it.


For a fuller and more extensive healing experience, please listen with headphones or earbuds, though those these are not necessary to receive the healing benefits.

The special offer expires soon.

You can sample two of the sessions at the link below:


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