Oh goodness, yes. (Equinox Event, New Message & More)


Hello, Beautiful , 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we are each capable of, our untapped potential, and the desires lingering inside.

And on top of that — which has led to so much fun stuff (more on that in this email), I’m HAPPY.

It is really, REALLY GOOD, to be feeling so good. So well, so much of the time.

And even more than the physical, which if you’ve been tracking with my experience over the past few years, you know is BIG in and of itself…

I’m most thrilled that I’m feeling so much joy and waking up eager, and so often, having so much fun.

I’m feeling clear, and confident, and more and more POWERFUL, capable, and that makes me wake up and feel just INTENSELY enthusiastic about LIFE!!

To be clear — this didn’t just happen. It is the result of a deliberate and devoted focus to get things here, and even beyond here — so I’m still working it.. And to be honest, I’ve been scared at times and had to adjust and shift that… I’ve been in the OMG I DO NOT KNOW how this is going to go…If I can do it… and I am so glad I didn’t give up. Because things are starting to hum and groove and there is still more I want to create and change and build and receive, but it’s happening. I feel it. I believe in it. In ME.

I’ve made HUGE changes over the past six months, as to what I give my attention to. I’ve deepened my connection to my Soul/Innermost Self and my non-physical friends. I’ve expanded the time I spend in silence and meditation.

And most importantly, I’ve done a huge overhaul of my patterns of thought, my beliefs and what I have made TRUE. And I’m still authoring my new reality and it’s SO great to know how to do this.

I’ve accomplished enough revision that I feel amazing a lot of the time.

I’ve healed my will enough to get deeply in touch with what I really want. (And we’re going to teach on this, this year — it’s amazing).

I’m clear on what I truly want and how I want to live, and I’ve created practices and a belief system that supports this.

THIS is the beginning of what it really means to live in harmony and alignment not just with what I want, but with ALL I AM BECOMING — the ever expanding Totality of my being!

It’s amazing to take the time and invest the energy and focus, with a willingness to see your life and your capacity in ways that serve who you want to be and how you feel called to live.

And I’m telling you this, to share what’s been going on with me, yes, but also because YOU CAN DO THIS TOO, you know. And some of you are, of course. But to make clear IT’S POSSIBLE.

We’re working with some of this in the new Conscious Evolution program — RADIANT FLOW. How to raise your vibration. How to turn things over / surrender to the Infinite, the mystery of Life and let yourself choose more and do less.

And my private coaching clients have been playing with some of this too, through this last year. And now?

Two people have manifested new homes — one after a long time feeling stuck, the other, almost immediately once she got clear that she wanted to move! Another is renovating a house and suddenly took all of that to a whole new level, once she opened to her true desires and followed them. And as she did so, the team that was working with her fell in love with the project and now they’re invested in a whole new way and she is having fun with all this, where before it was struggle and felt overwhelming and like so much work.

It’s not lost on me so these people are LITERALLY MOVING INTO NEW TERRITORY/SPACE. Lol. Pretty cool stuff.

Being in touch with our true, deep desires and our deepest callings in life can feel so unnerving. Especially if we’ve given up on them, because we haven’t known how to make them happen. We’ve buried them. (This is that injury to our WILL I mentioned before). We no longer use our will towards what we truly want, instead we reach for scaled down versions of things.

Believe me, living with LongCovid I came face to fact with this in A BIG WAY.

Letting our TRUE DESIRES be felt and flow feels SO exciting and so fucking terrifying.
Back and forth. In and out of both.

Until we support ourselves by being willing to learn how to believe in things that serve us and our dreams.


We are free to choose and we can make anything feel real and true. Why don’t we take the time, to make real the things that support our deepest desires?

Because no one we know does this…?
And no one taught us how…?
And we’re scared to believe in this and step into the unknown…maybe?
And we’ve learned to believe that it feels so much safer to stay where we are, with the limitation and lack we’re used to.

Other things come to mind for you? Reply and tell me.

It’s sad but not that unusual, is it?  I did it too. But no more.

All of which has led me to where I am now and the work we’re creating presently, opening up soon, building next and what I see coming beyond all that. To assist with this. To support us in COMING INTO OUR TRUE POWER AS CREATORS.

So we can live lives of radiant expansive outrageous JOY.

And of course, the timing of this is so perfect. I was so uncomfortable with not doing much outwardly for the last few months, but now I’m so thankful I trusted this. The CLARITY that has come in, and is here now, would not have come had I acted on it too early.

So some of the news, which you likely already feel, is this:

Ascension is heating up, big time. This month, as many of you may have felt on the last Equinox in September of 2022, is going to be HUGE. Lots of things are coalescing and IF we are willing to step fully into the present, letting go of the past, there is the opportunity for enormous transformation.

The preparation for ascension is deepening and it’s become clear that now is the time, to come fully into the present and turn toward where we’re headed and learn to feel into and participate with the FLOW OF BECOMING.

The current Conscious Evolution program RADIANT FLOW is working with this a lot. Along with sharing practical and spiritual guidance for COMING INTO OUR POWER.

As an aside, and to share a bit how intuition sometimes works for me… FYI — the themes that seem so obvious and key now, are exactly the things I was especially aware of and KNEW DEEPLY when I first walked in in 2013. I was profoundly aware of them and KNEW they were the messages I was here to embody and demonstrate and LIVE.

Then, of course, I got swept up in integrating into this body and Life, and all the challenges of learning about being human.

Yet wonderfully, they’re surfacing again now. Which is of course, exactly as it was always meant to be.

And because I’m so very different than before, and I’ve lived a bit here, now, I am seeing them with a much clearer sense of how they all fit together and what this means for HOW WE LIVE and PARTICIPATE IN THE EXPANDING LIGHT in our own lives and in the world.

So lots to share on all this, but for now…
I was shown a few days ago, how we’re already experiencing a rising current of expanding and accelerating inner light as well as incoming energies aligned with and supporting us in maximizing our ability to integrate the Gifts of the March Equinox.

The time from now until the June Solstice has many many many gifts for us and will further our ascension significantly. The key alignments, with their dates/times in Los Angeles/Pacific Time, are:

  • Monday, March 20 is the March Equinox at 2:24 pm Pacific Time.
  • Wednesday, April 19 is the Annular Solar Eclipse, beginning at 6:34:26 pm Pacific Time
  • Friday, May 5 is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, beginning at 8:14:11 am Pacific Time
  • Wednesday, June 21 is the June Solstice, at 7:57 am Pacific Time

How we each make the most of these will depend on where we are in our evolutionary journey, of course. We’re each individual and yet there are shared experiences and themes which resonate with many at different times.

SO — We’ll be inviting you to come together with us (me and my non-physical friends) to do collective Light Work, to consciously evolve, to open and receive support, infusions, transmissions and practical guidance, as well as opportunities to get personalized support, ask questions and share.

To make the most of this powerful time.

We’ll be hosting an LIVE EQUINOX EVENT. I hope you’ll join us! There is a sliding scale so ALL ARE WELCOME. Get your spot and that will be something fun to look forward to!

And, in the next day or so, I’ll be sharing more… And inviting you to a potent and in-depth program we’ve created to support you in CLEARING THE PAST.

I am so excited to share this with you, as the benefits I’ve received from working with the teachings and guided experiences that are part of this, has been so SIGNIFICANT and liberating for me, I really believe in this program.

It’s deep and will support you in making big changes if you’re ready for that. SERIOUSLY RECLAIMING YOUR POWER and unleashing yourself from limiting beliefs and stories that you may have been carrying for most of your life, even.

Imagine where you could be in a few months, given diving deep into something like that. VERY COOL.
I’m so looking forward to all of this and to co-creating with you, if you feel called to participate.

All right then. Pretty involved update, but so much to say. Thank you for reading this far, and if you’re here still — I LOVE YOU. I am so glad to be on this planet with you at this time. So happy to have the opportunity to participate in the ascension of our species and our world, with you.

Always remember: you came here on purpose.

You are powerful and capable and as one of my walk-in clients was told by her team when she got her (recently) : YOU CAME HERE FULLY EQUIPPED AND READY TO ROCK-N-ROLL.

SERIOUSLY. It’s the truth. (Even if how to tap into this and live it is something you have forgotten, or not yet learned.).

And if you want to spend some time, feeling deeply the vast wide open freedom and power of who you truly are, I encourage you to spend more time opening to the Infinite in Stillness.

And as Archangel Michael & Friends share in the new message I published today:


Stay tuned.
More fabulous and amazing things are flowing your way, and I’ll be back soon, with more.

Love to you! Happy Friday.



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