3rd March 2023. Mike Quinsey


3rd March 2023. Mike Quinsey.

The Dark Ones have kept you back from advancing to higher levels so as to not lose their hold over you. However, it is impossible for them to keep you back from advancing as a civilisation and that time has arrived. As painful as it may be the changes are overdue, and you are now going through a rapid period where you are literally being forced to make up for lost time. For our part we have encouraged you to speed up your evolution so that you are ready for advancements that have been denied to you.

You plan your changes to make life easier, and we give ideas for ways to introduce them that take you forward. The Dark Ones try to prevent you from succeeding but we are present to ensure they do not succeed. We put opportunities your way that will be picked up and used for your benefit. We have always been present to oversee your progress but as we often inform you, we cannot go beyond giving you every encouragement. Fortunately, you have responded well to our help and at least you have developed the ideas we have placed in front of you.

Whatever difficulties you encounter never forget that ultimately all will work out to your advantage, but just be patient knowing that all things must come to an end at some time. You will find that the wait will have been worth it as much to your liking awaits you. The changes will give you an idea of what is to be in the future and they will both astonish and excite you. You have all come a long way to reach this point in your evolution and nothing will prevent them from happening. Time is on your side now and we will ensure that you have every opportunity to rise up.

There may be utter chaos around you and conditions that seem unlikely to be changed in good time, bearing in mind that the whole fabric and structure of your society is under attack. However, once circumstances allow for our direct help you may be assured that all will be put right in an amazingly short time. We have the means to restore matters in next to no time using technologies you have not yet seen, and on a scale that will that will surprise you. For example we can remove the rubble from destroyed structures in no time at all and restore the land.

Meantime everything you do to lessen the effect of the damage to your countries will advance you more quickly. Be assured that we do help you to make the right decisions that will lay down the foundations of a better way of living. At some stage you will be given the secrets of free energy and at a stroke it will obviously solve one of your more pressing problems. Indeed there are many things that will make your lives so much easier and more enjoyable. It is all in the “pipeline” waiting the right time to be introduced.

We trust our vision for your future lifts you up as so many of you are losing heart, but be assured that nothing material lasts forever. When you passed the marker you stepped on to a new path that slowly but surely left the old behind that no longer has a place in your lives. You are given every help to keep you on the right path and follow the life plan you agreed before incarnating upon Earth. We are your Guides and try to keep you on track to fulfil your destiny so that your decisions are in line with your needs. However, we do not directly interfere with them if they are different as you have freedom of choice.

Remember that every soul you meet on your travels is exactly like you, following a path that is marked out to give you the experiences you need to continue evolving. We may try to influence you when necessary but in the end it is you who makes the final decision. You have a lot of experience by which to make your judgements and hopefully you will normally select the right path. If you stray off it you will always have another opportunity to come back onto it. You may get more karma as a result but that should not hold you back.

As a soul you have eternal life and it includes the times you have returned to the Godhead and are sent out again for further experience. You “clothe” your soul according to what you need to embrace your lifer plan and that includes karmic debts that you have carried forwards. Naturally each life is discussed with you before you incarnate through the approved parent/parents, so that all involved are accepting the arrangements. From thereon your Guides who know of your plan who will do their best to ensure all works out according to it.

You have been to different Universes and incarnated into different forms that have given you different experiences and so enlarged them as part of your evolution. You are far greater than you can imagine but obviously upon each incarnation adjustments are made accordingly. It means that you never know the life history of those souls you meet on your journey or their life plan. You are equipped for your own needs that often dictate the parents you have who also have an important part to play in your lives. You sometimes have a choice of which souls will act as your parents, but more likely they are chosen for their suitability according to your life plan.
Things on Earth may seem very haphazard but in actual fact they are well organised to help souls achieve their goals. There is so much done in advance to help you through your life, and perhaps you have at times marvelled at how well things seem to click into place to your advantage.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.







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