The Michael Prophecies Book Two – David Wilcock


I’m writing today with great news. 

Looks like you’re getting a Valentine’s day gift from me 🙂 

The Michael Prophecies, Book 2, Volume 1 is ready for you to read – NOW!

I have rushed to get this out as soon as possible. My mind has been blown countless times now by seeing the prophecies unfold in real time, and how they appear in the book. 

I think you will be dazzled by the Author’s Prefaces, as well as by the prophecies – since Michael has literally brought us right up to the present with what he’s just done. 

I don’t even know what to say. Everyone thinks the first book was amazing, but this goes to a level even beyond it. I have tears streaming down my face constantly as I read it. 

I wanted to get both volumes of Book Two done to wrap up your Valentine’s Day present, but that just didn’t happen. My hands are giving out on me again, and I have to rest.  

The good news is that Book Two, Volume One is here now – at 432 pages in length. That adds to Book One at 555 pages, for a total of nearly 1000 pages of high-octane Michael. 

Since I am well aware of the stakes, I have worked to make this among the finest creative and scientific works I have ever produced. I hope you feel the same.

If you’d like to receive Book One, both volumes of Book Two and both volumes of Book Three as they come out, you still have PRE-ORDER PRICING available

This will disappear as soon as I have a finished product and drop the final Book Three, since my buddy tells me “You Can’t Sell a Coming Soon.” 

Books One and Two are not Coming Soon. They are a thousand pages of POWER – here now, in your hands.  

Book Two, Volume Two is just days from being released, at 360 pages. 

I have loaded all the data into Book Three, and I do not estimate I will need more than another week and a half at the most before you will get it, based upon my current speed. 

You can take advantage of this brief moment before I finish everything, and get Book Two (and book Three when it comes out) by visiting us here

Planet earth is in the throes of the birth of a new world. 
It’s difficult — even excruciating — but it is also thrilling.
We are entering the days foreseen by the prophets.

This quote from Book One gives us a glimpse into the amazement you will find in Book Two. 

This is a book of stunningly accurate prophecies, received telepathically in 1998, which describe many of the events we are seeing in today’s world as of February 2023. Right up to the present.

I compressed decades’ worth of my most controversial and thought-provoking research into the Author’s Prefaces. 

I prove that the Earth has blown up every 25,000 years, for the last three times in a row. We explain the mechanism for how this happens in the solar system and galaxy. 

This makes us far more appreciative of Michael’s protection. And he goes into far greater detail about how his people are apparently getting ready to visit us – on a mass scale. 

This is awkward for me to write, but Michael appears to be using this book to negotiate an open contact with humanity as a whole. Read it for yourself and tell me what you think is going on. 

Despite how terrifying things look today, this is a message of hope. What we are going through is a global initiation that leads to a massive upgrade in human consciousness. 

The source of these words, Archangel Michael, contacted me even though I was not a Christian. He also disguised his identity by using his ‘old’ name Ra in The Law of One.

In Book Three, we will find out that he also apparently spoke as Hatton, beginning in 1958, at the exact same time Valiant Thor was working in the Pentagon. 

The 1958 material directly references a Plan, along with many other mind-exploding synchronicities that tie into our present. I can’t wait for you to read it. 

The similarities between Michael’s words as Hatton in 1958-1960 and what we see from the other sources in these books are absolutely incredible – and very deeply specific. 

I also give out more of the evidence linking the Great Pyramid and Christianity in the Author’s Preface section, so you don’t need to “take our word for it.” 

As a reminder: you don’t need to understand the prophecies to benefit from reading them. Michael tells us that one of his people will be with us as we read the book. Every time.  

Here’s what some people had to say about Book 1 –

“I can’t stop reading the book, I follow every event that you have. I feel relaxed and inspired after I listen to you and the book gives me the same feeling and answers the same questions that I have regarding who we are and what is my goal here!”

“This fills in many blanks and confirms much of what I already know. I can see why [Michael] wanted you to release it as soon as possible. Again, thank you so much for writing it and being so candid, honest and vulnerable.”

“Hi David, the tears keep flowing and my life does parallel yours in many ways. I too have had abduction experiences and yeah so many similarities. I’m at page 393…so many synchronicities while reading I have to take breaks as my energies shift as well.”

Thank you so much for your support. I hope and trust these books serve you as much as Michael intends them to!

Again, if you’d like to grab Book One and Book Two now, while also pre-ordering Book Two, Volume Two and Book Three, Volumes One and Two, please visit us here.

Book One is 555 pages. Book Two, Volume One is 432 pages. Book Two, Volume Two is at 360. 

The Book Three volumes are slightly shorter now, but will probably end up about the same size, and again, due to the incredible planetary urgency of this, I am stopping at nothing to finish them.  

Thank you for your support in this amazing journey of Ascension!



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