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Greetings, Light-Filled One!

First, Happy Monday, and second . . .
Messages from the Spirits of Abundance has now released on Amazon!

Just a few hours left to buy the Kindle version at the special $8.99 preorder price and receive the special preorder gifts!

Order by 11:59 PM Eastern Time tonight, then send your Amazon receipt to Support@AscensionTimes.com.

Or — order the print version¬†of the book¬†and¬†forward me your receipt, and you will receive the bonus gifts and special pricing, available for the print version¬†now through¬†February 8¬†— see below for info.

Consensus is big¬†among early readers, that this is one of the best books I’ve channeled¬†so far. Wonderful to hear!

May you be blessed beyond measure, whether by this book or whatever pours Light onto your path now.

Much Love & Light,

Available for Preorder – Print or Kindle


Encouraging higher guidance channeled from the Spirits of True Wealth


Each chapter of Messages begins with a powerfully relevant question, sent in by Lightworkers all over the world.

The Spirits of Abundance and Prosperity then answer, inviting us to join them on an illuminating journey into how money and other Abundance can flow to us as we reclaim our co-Creator selves. They address issues including: 

  • Recognizing Abundance in Any Form
  • Calling in Money to Fulfill Need
  • Defining True Wealth
  • Increasing the Flow of Money Energy in Your Life: Money Speaks
  • Creating Multiple Money Channels
  • Bringing Through the Abundance That is Being Withheld
  • Reaching Beyond the Dense Training of Family and Culture
  • How Money Prefers to Be Treated
  • Moving From Surviving to Thriving

Tap into the portals to Abundance that are right inside your spirit. 


Cosmic Preorder Giveaway! 


Preorder the Kindle version between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, January 30, or order the print version between now and Wednesday, February 8, to receive special lower pricing and these free gifts:
Heal, Love and Prosper: Magnifying Your Abundance Energies*
Guided Meditation / Visualization with Energy Work
Video – Length: 6:44 minutes

This enjoyable visualization offers a simple way to use your breath to expand your body and spirit’s Abundance vibration.

You’ll be guided to image what you wish to create, then magnify the manifestation energy behind that vision, as the Collective offer supportive energies to assist you in moving to the next level in terms of the amount of Abundance you will allow into your life at any one time.

*You will be sent a special link to this private YouTube video. Not available elsewhere. If you need a transcript of the video, just email AscensionTimes@gmail.com and let Caroline know. Thank you!

Galactic Healing Chamber – A Star Journey*
Guided Meditation / Visualization with Energy work
MP3 – Length: 14:49 minutes

In this relaxing guided meditation / visualization, the Collective guide you to lie peacefully in the healing chamber of a beautiful starship, while density leaves your body, mind and spirit, replaced by calm, a powerful higher Light, and a more expansive view of your life.

As you relax in the healing chamber, you will be assisted by loving high vibrational beings to transform and transmute the low-density experiences of stress, fear, and trauma into a greater sense of self, balanced wholeness, and increased mastery over your life experience.**
*You will be sent a link to the MP3. Not available elsewhere.

**Please note that no channeling from the Collective, whether this or any other, is intended to be a substitute for professional health or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a health issue of any kind, please see a qualified healthcare practitioner. 

Bonus Chapters from Messages from the Spirits of Abundance*
PDF format

The bonus chapters offer higher energies and insights from the Spirits of Abundance on:¬†‚Äč

  • How Money Reacts to Our Beliefs About It
  • The Divine Purpose of Gold‚Äôs Presence on the Earth
  • Dissolving Humanity‚Äôs Abundance Blockages

*You will be sent a link to the PDF. Not available elsewhere.

Special Pricing

Preorder the Kindle version now, and get special lower pricing of $8.99, available till 11:59 PM Eastern Time (US) on Monday, January 30, 2023.

Or order the print version¬†between now and February 8, 2023 at the special lower price of¬†$12.99.¬†Just forward your Amazon receipt for your print copyto Support@AscensionTimes.com¬†by February 8,¬†and you’ll receive the link to¬†the bonus gifts, no problem!

Two Easy Steps to receive the Preorder Giveaways . . .

1.   Buy the Kindle version of the book here on Amazon between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, January 30. 

Or buy the print version here between now and 11:59 PM Eastern Time onWednesday, February 8.

2.  Forward your Amazon receipt to: Support@AscensionTimes.com.

You will be sent the Preorder Gifts as soon as possible.

If you ordered the Kindle version, the book will be delivered to your Kindle app or device today, January 30.

If you ordered a print copy, please see your email receipt from Amazon regarding delivery dates.

No Kindle? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

If you prefer an ebook copy, the free Kindle app is easy to download onto your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

As always, I‚Äôm excited to hear your reactions to the book.¬†Please do review it on Amazon if you’d like — I greatly value your feedback!

Many Blessings of Light,


Praise for Messages from the Spirits of Abundance . . .
‚ÄúMoney really is an aware energy that responds to our deep-seated feelings about it. Start changing the way you feel today, by reading this book!‚ÄĚ

РBernadette Wulf, author of Money Magic and Director, Faehallows School of Magic РCelticMysterySchool.com

‚ÄúBrilliant! Mind-blowing perspectives on Wealth that can change your current comprehension on how to access your financial freedom and peace of mind.‚ÄĚ

– Sandra Belen Thomas, Soul Blueprint Codes Illuminator, Alchemist, and Ascension Guide – SandraThomas.Thinkific.com

‚ÄúBrings through the energy of prosperity, joy and gratitude with every word. A must-read for those wanting to shift into the New Earth reality of attracting, manifesting, and receiving.”

– Sherri Bausch, Quantum Energy Practitioner & Coach, SherriBausch.com

“Abundance has been knocking at your door for years, but will you answer? Caroline Oceana Ryan’s channeled words from the Masters will help you hear the knocking and throw wide the door.

Abundance is here for you. Now.¬†Buy this book, for it‚Äôs a must-read!‚ÄĚ

РCathy A. Corn, RN, RM, MT, author of the Lilith and The Fairies Supernatural Romantic Suspense series, CathyACornAuthor.com

“What a Heart-Warming gift to read Messages from the Spirits of Abundance.

Right at the beginning of the book I was already immersed in the essence of:

‘Dear ones, we do not think of Love as a thing only to be felt or shared. It is a vibration to live within, and to experience the power of within oneself. ‘

This sentence says it all. We are Love, so our abundance is far more than money. The book is a treasure trove of inspiration and realization that there really is no struggle.

So, we are most certainly here to heal & clear the old dense energy of struggle & survival. Then rejoice in our Abundant freedom.‚ÄĚ

РK G, Light Bringer, Australia

‚ÄúWhat a joy it was to read this book. It affirms that we truly are never alone. There is life and sentience in all things–yes, even money.

The spirit of money is real and knows how we truly think about finances, knows our deepest emotions about it and responds to the feelings we are generating.

We can connect with this spirit for guidance and information. This book is filled with such profound wisdom presented in simple and beautiful ways.

It teaches us how we may innocently be blocking our access to abundance in all its forms and shows us another way of approaching life.

The more I read, the more confident I am about creating fulfillment in my life. Thank you, Caroline.‚ÄĚ

– Gabriela, Light Bringer, USA

“Full of wisdom and a reminder that genuine wealth and abundance comes from within, the valuable messages that fill this book remind us to manifest from within and respond with grateful joy for all that we receive.

Together the Spirits of Abundance have provided an invaluable testament to the importance of realizing the outer results of our inner life in a book that is well worth the read!”

Danielle Ryan, Light Bringer, USA

I have already started taking the Spirits of Abundance’s advice, and begun¬†applying it to my own life, training my thoughts to feel positive joy in that moment.¬†¬†

I do believe the help I so desperately needed back when I discovered Caroline’s work, came into my life at the right time and for a reason, and I’m so very grateful for that.

This new book is exceptional. Do yourself a favour,¬†get yourself a copy and discover true guidance and love.”¬†

Luke Forster, Light Bringer, UK


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