A Heart opening — in the BEST kind of way!


Hi, Lovely — 

Today, I am so moved from watching an amazing video that was released from a wonderful YouTuber in Sweden, Jonna Jinton.

When her channel reached 4 million followers, Jonna asked her audience what message would they wish to share if they could send a message to 4 million people, and she invited them to submit a video message doing so.

She’s made a composite video of a bunch of their messages and I wanted to make sure you knew about this and had a chance to watch some or all of it. Here’s the link:

Messages to the World

It is pure heart and soul food.

If you enjoy it, you might also save the link, so when you need some encouragement, or want to feel connected and uplifted, you can easily find it. 💓 #oneness

Once you’ve watched it, see if you don’t feel an amazingly deep and very real sense of our collective human family.

We’re so much more alike and there are so many of us who deeply care about one another.

Hold onto that knowing.

It matters what you think and feel.

Realize that every moment we are contributing energy and frequency to our collective experience.

What are you choosing to think about life? To believe about yourself and others? To hold as true?

Are you letting yourself see all the blessings and gifts of this moment? Of today?

Are you feeling blessed? Are you aware of the immense abundance you already have? How much in life is going so very well?

And — are you having fun?

Beloved friend — The Universe is flowing a steady, generous flow of eternal, infinite LOVE our way. Support for everything we want to create and experience. Answers to all we’ve asked for. Guidance and opportunities.

We only need to learn to lighten up, relax and let our frequency lift into Oneness with All That We Are, to let more in.

A little higher vibe is all it takes…

Just a little more joy, and gratitude opens up the flow and we receive more of the amazing richness that is here for us.

You’re closer than you may realize, to even more fun and love and ease and happiness.

May this video spark a reminder of the deeper truths within you.
May you feel your heart open wider and your energy expand.

May you remember once again, how good you can feel…

Watch it now.

More soon!
February is going to be ah-mazing!!!


P.S. You may need some tissues to watch that video…!! (happy tears!!!)


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