A New Message to Light Bringers 🌟


Greetings, Cosmic Magician!

According to the ET contacts of Ashtar Command White Knight Rama Berkowitz (see his latest News Update), the energies flowing to Earth now are as powerful as human bodies can withstand.

The action of those energies is Transformation — bigger than anything you and I have ever experienced on this planet. 

So today’s Message answers the question, “How does life improve or sustain itself fully amidst all the energetic and outer tumult we’re seeing now — in the world, and in our own mind-body-spirit?

We’re shift to a higher level of etheric vibration, mental capacity, and DNA — sounds great, but a bit taxing!

The Collective’s answer offers energies that open up those locked up parts of our spirit that have been squashed for thousands of years, until now:

“This is the turning point, the time of Rebirth.

Yet what makes it different from the past, is that you are all working hard to expunge or resolve the old, unhealed places in your own consciousness, as well as in the Earth.

And so you are both patient and nurse in this scenario, and that is extremely demanding. You are all working very hard in the etheric all the time, both in your sleeping and waking hours.

Many of you work side-by-side with Angelic and ET forces of Light who may appear to be human in everyday life, but who are not.

This work extends to both what you are actively doing in your sleep state, which you do not usually consciously recall upon awakening, and the work you are doing energetically with your presence on the Earth, 24 hours a day.

You may be thinking that your Earth mission is unknown to you—a mystery that is not connected to your “real” life, yet it is, and greatly so.

The energies are such now that they are awakening in you long-dormant aspects of your DNA that connect you to your Divine sense of creativity, higher insight, Divine solutions, and purification of Earth and your own energies.

And so in this way, you are becoming increasingly aware of intrusions in your energies—beings, energies, influences, toxins, that do not belong there.

This will increase your discomfort at times, yet it also brings far greater clarity of your inner life and increasingly reveals to you your true nature, your true path, and your real (soul) family and origins . . . “

There are more higher energies and wisdom for you to enjoy in the new book, Messages from the Spirits of Abundance: Channeled Guidance from the Spirits of Prosperity and True Wealth.

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As always, as an added support, and to celebrate the book’s release, I’m offering some lovely gifts for you, with empowering processes, insights, and energies.

So be sure to check your email next Wednesday—that’s when I’ll be sending the first email about the special preorder gifts.

Until then, please know that despite how unyielding it all feels to be right now, we are supported by millions of powerful Angelic beings, as well as our soul families and Star Nation, or we wouldn’t have made it this far!

Though times of Transition and Transformation can feel hard and intimidating, yet they also carry their own beauty.

These powerful solar transmissions are bringing our higher good in bigger ways than we could ever imagine. 

Namaste, friend — so glad you’re on the Earth now!
P P S  And speaking of Abundance . . . 

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