Chats with Corey & Livestreams This Weekend


Implications of The Solar Micronova – SSP Updates Explanations from Corey

First 5 Episodes + SSP Alliance Updates now on AscensionWorks.TV

SSP Alliance Updates Season 2

First Episode Available on YouTube & AscensionWorks.TV

Livestream Schedule
All New Video Series

Upcoming Livestreams on AWTV

THIS SUNDAY – Ask your questions live to Corey Goode on his new podcast show “Chats with Corey” which will be free to watch after the livestream recordings are posted, but only AWTV paid subscribers have access to join the livestream and interact during the live show. Click on any livestream below to see more details, sign up, and to see the schedule calculated in YOUR LOCAL TIMEZONE: AscensionWorks.TV/schedule

This Sunday – 10am MST


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