Let go of any doubt, anxiety, resentment, anger, or fear.

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Today we are going to address issues that are of major concern to many of you – time, waiting, doubts, and anxieties.  We have been informing you for some time now that your collective human awakening is extremely close in time.  And it is!  But your experience of time is somewhat variable within the illusory game in which you are engaged as humans.  Many of you as small children could not conceive of becoming adults because such a state appeared to you then to be eons away in time.  Now, many of you, especially those who are in old age, are wondering where the time went!  So avoid focusing on the future, on what may happen, or on what you hope will happen, or on what you sincerely hope will not happen, because to do so is a big distraction from living, and can provide you with no meaningful answers.  Also, do not keep revisiting errors or mistakes that you have made in the past.  Just remember that you all chose to be here now to awaken, and to assist others to engage in humanity’s awakening process, and that is exactly what you are doing.  Therefore, relax into the certainty that all is unfolding precisely as Mother/Father/God intends, because, needless to say, it always does because there is no other option.

The divine plan for your collective awakening, created by God at the precise moment that you collectively decided to experience a dreamlike state of separation, has been ongoing since that moment, which was and is right now.  And it will come to its most beautiful fruition right now, the only moment there is.  This is indeed a very confusing concept for those in form to accept, and is beyond comprehension because of the constant ongoing flow of time that you are constantly experiencing, with the moment of now being gone the instant that it arrives.  In Reality, into which you are so soon to awaken, there is only now, and in Reality it makes total sense.  You will have to wait until you awaken to experience it and understand it, and then it will make total sense to you, and you will be delighted with the Reality with which it presents you, now!

Therefore, release or let go of any doubt, anxiety, resentment, anger, or fear, they are all unreal egoic mind states.  When you identify with your human bodies it seems totally normal and natural to experience those emotions and feelings, and to ensure the safety of your bodies – which are easily hurt or damaged – you believe that you need to pay close attention to them.  BUT, you are NOT those bodies.  The bodies in which you find yourselves experiencing human life serve the sole purpose of providing you with a vehicle or a container that makes it possible for you to experience an unreal sense of separation and abandonment from your eternally loving Source.  As you have been told so often, separation from Mother/Father/God is utterly beyond the bounds of possibility, because Mother/Father/God IS All that exists.

Finally, in time, the human collective has chosen to awaken.  Nevertheless, many of you are still feeling very unsure as to whether an awakening can actually occur, because you have so powerfully identified yourselves with your totally mortal bodies, which, in time will die.  Your individual awareness of your awakening commences when you begin to really try to get a handle on your true life purpose.  That happens when you either believe that you have accomplished all that you have set out to achieve as a human, and are left with a lack of motivation for life, and a strong fear of death.  Or, when life has become so painful that you try to make sense of the almost constant state of suffering with which it presents you, and you call out to God – if there is one – in despair.

What people have to accept, and learn to rely on, is that God always hears them and answers their calls.  However, most of the time your cries for help, your prayers for assistance, are so constantly and loudly ongoing that you do not hear the loving response that is offered to you immediately.  I cannot stress the importance of taking time out at least once daily, and preferably every time you have even the briefest of quiet moments, to listen quietly so that you can receive and hear the loving guidance being offered to you.  It most often comes to you as your intuition, your inner knowing which is always fully connected to Source, to Reality.  Yet you allow your egoic doubts to dismiss it without truly becoming aware of what is being offered, and thus continue to engage with the distractions and anxieties (your roof-brain chatter) with which your egos present you whenever they see you even starting to enter a state of peace.  Your egos do not like you to be at peace.

If you are not at peace you are listening to your egos, and they are indeed very vociferous.  If you have not already done so – and many of you have – do set aside for yourselves a time period each day as an essential and unmissable routine when you choose to be quite alone and undisturbed by the multifarious human demands on your time, and invite Mother/Father/God to fill your hearts with Love.  It is essential that you invite Her into your heart space, because She always totally honors you and your holy inner space, and will not enter uninvited.  Her love and Her Respect for you is way beyond your ability, as a human in form, to conceive of, though deep within yourselves you do know this, and when you offer Her the invitation, as you quiet your mind you will feel Her Peace within you.  Then you will feel truly alive while you take a rest there within her most loving embrace.

With so very much love, Saul.


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