New Video Message: Ascension Symptoms 💜


Greetings, Powerful Light Being!

As always, I pray you are well, and surfing these powerful diamond Light waves flowing to the planet now.

They are unearthing so much within us that needs to be healed.

It can take real bravery to face this at times. The Collective speak to this in their latest video Message, which you can find here:

“There was quite a press—quite a crowd that wanted to be born onto the Earth at this time. It is absolutely the time to be on the planet!

And you refused to miss it.

This feeling that you don’t fit in here—that you don’t belong here, and that you ought to be able to move on, and that you want to be with your loved ones—your star family and your twin flame—that’s completely understandable.

That’s getting stronger, because you’re connecting with that aspect of yourself that lives there all the time. The two are joining!

This is a beautiful, and even, some would say, miraculous moment for you . . . “

Go here to read the transcript on the website.

Both the written Message and the video hold wonderfully supportive energies to help us keep our hearts open and to release what troubles us.

I hope you’ll give yourself the chance to receive this, in these days when so much demands our attention and deeper insight.

Sending much Love,

P S  I’m honored to be a part of the Hope Interfaith Center’s 5th (and final) virtual Star Gathering, “Letters of Information to the Starseeds.”

We’ll gather online December 16, 17 and 18 for profound energy healings, life-shifting meditations, Tapping, channeled messages from Light Beings, and more.

So if you’ve been searching for connection with your spirit guides, loved ones or healing energy . . . Would you like some support from powerful spiritual teachers . . . Have been wanting to feel a part of something bigger . . 

This is for you! Attend just a few sessions, or all of them.

The wonderful presenters include: Navajo shaman Garret Duncan, energy healer Maia Nartoomid, psychic and energy healer Dave Barnett, spiritual teachers Kari Chapman & Rev. Hope Gorman, and the Collective.

Go here to register — I look forward to seeing you there!


A Special Note:

Chris Banks is a wonderful part of the Light community, a friend to many of us, a human rights activist, an awake & aware Light Bringer, and the son of White Knights of the Ashtar Command, Tara Green and Rama Berkowitz.

Chris injured his knee badly a number of months ago, when his bike malfunctioned and he fell onto the street full force, onto his knees.
He was healing up fine, but then a couple of months ago, a man opened his car door into Chris as he was cycling past, and badly injured one of his knees again.
Chris is only now able to get back to part-time work as a house painter. He still can’t work full-time, and has a backlog of bills to pay. 
We’ve created a GoFundMe campaign for him, so if you’d like to contribute, just go to:
Chris lives in Chicago in a low-income building, and has had no income for several months other than donations, so the $400 a month rent hasn’t been paid for the last two months, as well as other bills.
Donations of any amount are hugely appreciated! 
Whether you can donate now or not, Please Share this on Facebook and anywhere else you can think of!
Update from Chris:

“Greetings, dear ones!

I’d like to personally thank every one of you who’ve donated to my cause.

No words can possibly describe the gratitude I feel in my heart for the selfless generosity you’ve shown to me.  

I’ve managed to secure a two-day paint job ($320) from a friend who knows I’m quite limited in my range of motion due to my injury, but is willing to work with me. Caution is key!

I’ve used your GoFundMe donations thus far to pay rent for September and October. I’m not quite out of the woods, as I’m two months behind on my storage fees ($350) [Chris lives in just one small room, no kitchen], a phone bill ($75), and basic living expenses.

I’m blown away by the kindness of your hearts, and because of that, I’m well on way to recovery.

I fully intend to pay it forward, as the Universe sees fit. Bless your hearts, dear ones.

Namaste! Blaze The Violet Fire!



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