Our Healing Community Welcomes You


Hi my friend,

A gentle reminder to let you know that our healing community, Club Miracles, is open to new membership from now until this Sunday, December 4th.

Explore Club Miracles Here

As a Miracle Member, you will:

  • Strengthen your connection to Source / Your Divine I AM Presence
  • Create greater physical and emotional well-being
  • Dissolve financial blocks and lack patterns
  • Increase your self-esteem, create healthy relationships, especially with yourself
  • Experience greater balance, inner peace, and harmony
  • Become fully Self Realized
  • Receive continuous support
  • And much more

This amazing community is what my dear Soul brother Ziad and I pour most of our time, energy, and hearts into every week—to help you come back to your most empowered, whole, and joyous version of yourself!

Within a few hours of entering the healing vortex of our Miracle Community, you will receive access to a library of healing audios, meditations, and prayers to help you expand your healing journey.


We only open up enrollment once per year to Club Miracles. If you feel called to reconnect with the wholeness that has always been inside you, our loving, supportive community welcomes you.

Be part of our Miracle Community Here

We are grateful to be able to offer our Miracle membership without any minimum commitment. You can sign up and stay for as long as your soul desires.


With love,





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