Warning: Intense Energies Coming In! Here’s Some Help 😇


Hello My Friend –

I send many blessings of Love and healing on this powerful 11-11 Portal Day, a powerhouse of higher energies!

Though we’re entering a portal into the New Earth, and leaving the old behind, the energies are completely nuts right now!

You may feel intense emotions coming up at times.

If that happens, slow your breathing, and breathe in a very conscious way. And tell your higher self you require assistance and support.

When you’re alone (or at a traffic light), say aloud how you feel while Tapping. The Tapping videos on YouTube can also help you shift out of an old pattern that’s come up to be healed.

Quiet meditation time, and talking to your guides and higher self is irreplaceable now, along with time in Nature, yoga or Tai Chi, journaling —

And here’s two guided meditations by the Collective for you, to help alleviate some of the stress. 

Though it’s hard when our old third dimensional wounding comes up to be released, try to let the emotions come up when you can.

Be kind, be compassionate. Put everything in the Circle of Light and Saint Germain’s Violet Transmuting Flame.

A crazy time, yet a time of empowerment and renewal.

So I am thrilled to be welcoming new members to the Abundant Living Program!

They’ve realized the power of channeled energies and finally getting answers and higher guidance from their Spirit team and the Collective on the issues such as:

  • Why am I here? What’s my Earth mission?
  • If I’ve known my partner / spouse in other lives, why did we meet up again in this life? 
  • What’s the right kind of work for me? The atmosphere at my job never feels right. 
  • What’s happening now, that so many of us are in a healing crisis of one kind or another?
  • Will I ever get along with my brother / sister / parent the way I’d like to? Why all the conflict? 
  • Is something blocking me from meeting my life partner?
  • Have I got interference from ancestors or entities?

These are the kinds of issues the Collective and your Spirit team can help with in an in-depth, ongoing way.

For a lot of reasons, now is the perfect time to try the program.  

You can join at any time, but
the Special Lower Pricing and wonderful Bonuses
End on

Monday night, November 14 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Point being, we don’t have to grow through struggle. We can grow with Joy and ease.

For more info, go here to the website to see the beautiful benefits of subscription membership. 

Once you sign up, I’ll contact you as soon as possible with details on the group channeling sessions, and other perks.

And in the meantime, all the powers of the higher realms are here to support you at this crucial time. We are never alone! 

Many blessings, and much Love —

We’re all on this big blue spaceship together,


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