4th November 2022. Mike Quinsey.

4th November 2022. Mike Quinsey.
For all the activity upon Earth there is a reason that is not apparent to you that we have touched upon. The changes are obvious although the ultimate purpose is not known to you. Preparations had to be made for the introduction of new technologies that will make life much more bearable and easier for you all. You presently worry about how you are going to survive the rising costs of living through the hard times ahead and you will of course, because humans are very resilient and hardy and know how to get through such times.
Whatever effort you put in or sacrifices made it will be worth it to establish a better way of living that will result in peace upon Earth. The people are suffering especially in war ravaged areas and as unlikely as it seems it is clearing karma that cannot be carried forward and must be finished before peace ascends upon Earth. Not everyone has prepared for the New Age, but their future is assured regardless of their present level of evolution. Those souls who have hardly advanced at all will naturally return to the same level for further experiences that will help them to awaken to the truth of their real selves.
Understand that you enter each lifetime prepared for the plan you had already agreed to. You would have been given every assurance that help was always on hand if it was needed. Your Guides know better than you what experiences you need to lift you up and keep you on the straight and narrow. However, if you choose to go your own way it will be honoured. There are times when you will meet up with your Guides to discuss matters particularly if you have gone astray. In reality you are never alone and every effort is made to help you advance by completing the tasks given you.
As soon as you awaken to the truth of your being your Guides will come closer to you knowing that you will respond more readily to their influence. Their objective is to help you rise up, so that each life is a step nearer to your evolution. The Earth is a school of learning which is why visitors from other realms are not normally allowed to meet you as it might interfere with your progress. However, once you are ready it is an option that may be used by those who plan your experiences. Your true reality is far removed from your present understanding and the good news it is far better than you imagine.
Can you imagine what a mammoth task it would be for you to have to manage your experiences totally by yourselves, it is nigh on impossible and when you return to the higher levels you will understand why as sometimes you have to be “pushed” along to get the experiences you need. We would remind you that at the root of it all is your need to reach a stage when you can ascend to never have to return to the lower vibrations, unless you do so to help others who still struggle to make progress.
The time for us to openly show ourselves to you is approaching and will take place prior to your Ascension. We need to establish a good understanding with you so that we can at times work together. By doing so things will go speeding ahead, as we will introduce you to advanced concepts that you have not yet developed. Much is lined up to vastly improve your quality of life and will be given to you when the vibrations have lifted up and the negative entities can no longer influence you. There is a place for them to continue their lives and have the experiences they need to evolve. Every soul will be helped to progress by kind loving helpers who know exactly what they need to continue evolving.
Mother Earth will continue to be a home to Man but will also rise up having cleansed it of the mess left after centuries of mankind’s disrespect for her wellbeing. New ways of living and providing the comforts needed to achieve a sensible level of life will come in due course. At present some souls barely exist and have such a low standard of life with only the bare necessities. Man has to care for his fellow souls and show that help is always available for the most needy amongst you. There has always been enough on Earth to ensure every soul is looked after and does not starve for the want of food, or health for the want of treatment. Remember that you are all one big family and should care for each other accordingly.
At this time many young souls are reaching that age when they are nearly ready to give you the knowledge they brought with them that will uplift you. Realise that events are planned in advance that will speed up the changes and souls who have the ability to introduce them are ready. As with all else affecting your progress, there is always a right time for their introduction. It may not seem so but all progress is planned well in advance and souls incarnate with the attributes needed to carry them out.
Dear Ones from our viewpoint and being able to see far ahead we can assure you that everything is on course to work out as planned. So do not despair as the changes will be beneficial to you all. It is all part of the plan to enable you to set your feet firmly upon the ground. There is really nothing to fear as we have all matters under our control.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.


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