28th October 2022. Mike Quinsey.

28th October 2022. Mike Quinsey.
As might be expected the changes occurring in the Solar System have come to the attention of NASA scientists who are at a loss to explain the reason for them, referring to them as a “weird happening”. The impact you have had is confined to each cycle so that all can commence again as new. Even you have recognised evidence of a previous cycle, although it is hard to come by after all of this time with the many earth changes that have taken place.
Things appear very confused at present as you cannot see a pattern to events that indicates what the outcome may be, except it is apparent that much of the old is disappearing never to return. It is always comforting to hold onto that which is familiar, but necessary changes are planned in advance to show you the road to follow. You cannot cling onto the old any longer as much has to make way for the changes that will propel you into the New Age.
Take heart and do not allow yourselves to be pulled down by what you perceive as unconnected events that do not seem to be in your interests. Everything has a purpose even if at this time you cannot see it. One day you will look back and see the pattern emerge that carried you forwards and helped set up the basis for a new way of living. Mankind has had many opportunities to advance but has been loath to contemplate changes that would cause considerable upheaval. However, they must come and cannot be avoided as they have already commenced.
Be ready for changes and do so with an open mind knowing that all is part of a magnificent adventure that will lift you out of the period of uncertainty you are now in. Never forget that greater powers oversee your progress and have your best interests at heart. In the not too distant future you will meet those souls that have travelled with you, and have kept you on course for a happy and fulfilling conclusion. Keep calm and peaceful and soon you will find that other souls will recognise your true spirituality.
Imagine a time to come when all souls will be recognised by their true spiritual colours, when the truth is always apparent for all to see. It cannot be covered up unlike your present experiences when you find it difficult to know whether you can trust what you are hearing. However, as time passes you will continue to advance until you too will only be able to speak the truth, because it will be your natural way of life as it will for others who have also reached that higher level. It is the one you are progressing towards when clearly nothing less will be able to exist.
Whatever effort you put in now even if it is hard going will be well rewarded so never give up and keep acting positively, and in so doing you will set a good example to those around you. People will feel the positive emanations coming from your aura but are unlikely to realise exactly where they come from. Bear in mind “that like attracts like” where your vibrations are concerned so that in itself is a good outcome. The higher your vibrations the less likely it is that you will be affected by germs around you. Also keeping calm in difficult situations will also help keep your vibrations high and avoid possible illness. Keeping calm and peaceful is so healthy for your body.
Obviously your general health is also important, and good healthy foods rather than those that are processed are the most beneficial. With adequate exercise to keep your body in trim, there is not much more you would need to do to remain healthy. Humans are noted for being controlled by taste that is often manufactured and not necessarily the best for you. Naturally your body is great at dealing with all types of foods you enjoy, and in the long run there will likely be effects resulting in illness and even physical disabilities.
We do not like to preach to you but rather invite you to think of your body as a magnificent piece of work that deserves consideration and care to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. Taking care of it means you will go through life with few problems and can still fully enjoy it. Know that it will let you know in no uncertain terms if you are abusing it and even then can self-heal in many instances. Finally adequate sleep and exercise are necessary if you are going to enjoy your health. There is no reason why you should suddenly get illnesses for no apparent reason but there is always likely to be a karmic reason tied to the experiences you need to continue evolving.
In all things connected with leading a good life free from worries, remember that your Higher Self and Guides are often responsible for reminding you of the best action to take, but they do not impose their help upon you but simply offer it for your consideration. Again we remind you that experiences that are part of your agreed life plan will obviously take place. It will probably all sound rather involved but your life is subject to a multitude of events that seem to take place quite naturally.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion . This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
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