Your Relationships Key to Getting Real


Your Relationships Key to Getting Real 

Selacia Gives 4 Life-Changing Views on Relationships

Hello friends,

If you want to get real and live your truth, you must get real about the relationships in your life. Real means going deeper so you can see just how vital each relationship is to your self-realization. Continue reading to know how I learned this valuable lesson that continues to guide how I interact with the world. 

From My Early View To Now

I grew up with ego-based conditioning all of us have. I learned to categorize and evaluate relationships in a linear way. I unconsciously took in biases of my family. I was schooled in unevolved markers of success in relationships – like whether they made me happy or were sustainable.  

As I evolved over time and began questioning the role of relationships, I saw how I had limited myself. I had unknowingly obscured the truth of what it really means to be in relationship. It wasn’t my fault. After all, no one in traditional society teaches you these things.

Thank goodness for my innate curiosity and relentless seeking of the truth of all things. These qualities led me to discover and learn from amazing evolved teachers who were genuine and steeped in understanding our true enlightened nature, and what blocks us from realizing it. I am grateful that I continue to learn from these teachers daily.

Relationships Under Microscope During Mega Change

I feel strongly called to share about relationships in these pivotal moments of mega change. As I’ve recently discussed, planetary forces are bringing to the surface what we need to look at and transform. This is not accidental. We need to change into a much higher version of ourselves – to discover our truth, manifest our light, and indeed survive as a species.

Each of us is being pushed to go deeper so we can see ourselves as we truly are, find meaning, and reset our lives in a higher frequency. This isn’t a temporary push, or related to any specific planetary lineup. It will be an ongoing push throughout our lives! 

We have priceless jewels in our transformation tool box – awaiting our discovery! One of them involves relationships. 

Students in my “”ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth””Divine Changemakers course are receiving hands-on experience evaluating relationships within the context of self-knowing and expressing their truth. During guided audio process and live global zoom calls, students are discovering how essential each relationship is for their self-realization. The course is live through October 22 – join us for your own self-reveal! 

I suggest that you reflect on the following 4 life-changing views on relationships. As you read them, invite your higher wisdom to speak to you about the personal relevance. 

4 Life-Changing Views on Relationships

  1. How can you get to know yourself without the mirror of relationships?
  2. How do you learn to validate what is true for you without feedback from others?
  3. How can you see more clearly into yourself – beyond your ego – unless you strive to learn from every relationship in your life? 
  4. How can you bring the light of your soul into manifestation without a network of relationships?

The answers to my obvious questions clarify just how essential your relationships are. Indeed, relationships are the basic foundation for personal and spiritual growth. Each relationship – regardless of whether you see it as important, compatible, or an irritation – gives you a priceless window into yourself. When you learn to see these dynamics as the miracle they ARE, your life transforms in miraculous ways! 

For more energetic support with relationships and managing your energy during this season’s tumultuous eclipse season, attend my “Full Moon Solar Eclipse” Zoom Global Meditation November 5. I look forward to seeing you and your friends there! 

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Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know how you are doing.  

Thank you for being a part of my life in these times, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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