Your Life Force and Manifesting


Your Life Force and Manifesting

Selacia Gives 5 Keys For Raising Your Energy

Hello friends,

Our roller coaster ride of energies has intensified these past weeks. We’re all feeling it, myself included! Today I’m thrilled to share insights that will help you connect the dots in your life. Continue reading for a big picture view that includes a link between your life force and what you manifest. 

Planets in Wild Dance of Upheaval

For context, the planets have been in a wild dance of upheaval – Mars stirring emotions, Pluto bringing to the surface things we need to see to transform, and Mercury playing havoc with our time-communications-plans. While Mercury just went direct last weekend, we’re still impacted. After all, Mercury is about communications – that includes our ego self-talk and how we express ourselves with other people and the world.

My specific focus today is not the planets per se – it’s about US as we’re doing our best to navigate the practical implications of living in a world constantly on “speed dial for change”.

As I’ve often said, this is the lifetime we long prepared for – a time when global awakening is catalyzed to reveal dysfunction humanity must transform to go forward. The collective includes each one of us. These are the decades when our personal “unfinished business” gets the spotlight. This is all of our conditioning and self-destructive life habits preventing us from self-realization. 

Embrace Pluto As Your Ally 

I suggest that you learn to see Pluto as your ally. Yes, it will help reveal your shadow self and push you to let go of the past – both requirements for spiritual awakening. Not easy. You can either make friends with your “transformer ally” or fight it. Guess who wins the fight!?

Students in my “ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth”Divine Changemakers course are receiving a roadmap for understanding and benefiting from the impact of planets like Pluto in their lives. Having practical tools like this, and guided course processes for expanded self-awareness, are like gold when applied in your life. 

Your life energy or life force – and your ability to productively manifest your goals – is directly tied to becoming skilled navigating your self-transformation. It can feel a bit daunting on your own. Having a trusted guide like myself and being with others in Divine Changemakers courses both enhances your transformation efforts and accelerates your personal ability to make constructive changes. 

5 Keys For Raising Your Energy  

Have you ever noticed when under extreme stress that you become ungrounded or lose your ability to focus on a life task? You may become so numb to yourself that you aren’t aware of self-talk or able to be fully present. In that moment, your energy or life force can become depleted. Each round of your ego-ruminating about “what ifs” and “whether you are good enough” reduces your life force and what you can manifest. 

Here are 5 keys for raising your energy

  1. Throughout the day, stop long enough to purposefully focus your mind and energy on ONE thing that brings you satisfaction, inspiration or joy. Examples: a hike in the forest, a walk on the beach, remembering an inspirational dream you want to document, feeling better about yourself because you are back at the gym working out. Just thinking about this ONE thing elevates your energy. Add benefit by intending to do it soon. Increase benefit even more by making an inner commitment to schedule action on it. 
  2. When you find yourself complaining about others or difficult situations, practice acceptance and compassion. Be willing to let go, in the moment, of your complaining and focusing on what’s wrong. Accept what’s arising in the present. As you do this, you elevate your energy. 
  3. Learn to go deeply within yourself so you can see yourself clearly – your enlightened qualities, your shadow self that blocks your joy, and your conditioned resistance to change. Remember that this process of going deep is exactly that – a process you learn to become comfortable with, a step at a time. If you are new to such deep dives, simply intend that you will explore your inner terrain to see and transform your ego’s limiting notions of what you can see, be, and do. 
  4. Since your life force is linked to your body’s ability to tolerate stress, raise your energy with simple actions you can take. Examples: plenty of sleep, exercise, healthy foods, regular downtime to step away from activities and screens. Also key: learning to become mindful of your stress in the moment so you can reset your energy before your body hits its limit. 
  5. Regular grounding and deep breathing throughout the day are essential components of stabilizing and raising your life force. When not grounded enough or resourced enough by your breath, the self-defeating voice of your ego can reduce your energy and cause you to say or do things you cannot undo.  

For more energetic support raising your energy, attend my “Life Force Renewal” Zoom Global Meditation October 8. I look forward to seeing you and your friends there! 

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Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know how you are doing.  

Thank you for being a part of my life in these times, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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