Hey Beautiful —

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to write and share with you the New Conscious Evolution Program – Divine Expression.

I feel like my whole walk-in Life has been leading up to this program! A long time ago I had a vision of multidimensional Light Work happening in the Expect Wonderful community. I saw us each opening to our own vaster Families of Light and then from that expanded state of flow, clarity and connection, co-creating together. As part of this program, we’ll be guided in our first opportunity in a structured way to begin doing this, together. Wow!!

I have known since I became aware of my walk-in, too, that the purpose of ascension was to shift us out of separation and exploring limitation, into Divine Expression.

What I never anticipated was that the shift would happen first on the inner planes, and that it would be so open and spacious for us to begin to play in and explore, while the outer world would still look so messy and chaotic. And yet? So it is.

All is well. Everything is working for the highest good of All and the time is NOW, for those who feel ready, to begin to co-create in deep and wonderful ways. Together. With our Divine Self and with the Earth Itself.

Please click here to enjoy the channeled message from Archangel Michael, which introduces and invites YOU to participate in Divine Expression.

(That’s me expressing great delight and excitement)

Ah friends, the JOY of being alive now, here, together and AWAKE!!!

Blessings and love to you,


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