I just rewrote Saturday’s class!

Hi Everyone!

Last weekend, I started to memorize my 22 page outline for the class Saturday. I didn’t feel like it. I cleaned house instead. I went back to memorize. I felt like crafting. Clearly I was in the flow! It was all so much fun.

In the middle of planting my fall garden it dawned on me that the reason I hadn’t been able to sit still and memorize was that I need to reorganize and redo the class!

The ME I am now is very different from the me I was a few years ago. (I think we could all say that.) I know more, have better ways of presenting, new examples, and more interactive exercises. I am loving life and sailing through challenges, while things I’ve wished for for keep popping into my reality by surprise.

The new and improved outline just flowed right on through tonight after work! It may be late, but I’m happy! I know spirit knows who is coming, what you need, and how you’ll best receive it.

So if you’re feeling it, flow your way up north to Sedona on Saturday and join us for a rollicking good time of unlearning our “work hard / struggle / pay your dues / find your purpose” paradigm, and instead moving into the paradigm of “the universe works for me and life is fun!”

Great music, a gorgeous atmosphere in heaven on earth, wonderful people, and angels – lots of angels – will be there to help you remember how to live life the way it was meant to be lived. Happy Now. Happier later. I love these Sedona Playshops and all the light that gets generated within them.

I can’t wait to share!

If you can’t come – no worries. Trust your own flow and know that when you listen to your heart and let yourself love life as much as you can, you’ll be streaming towards your own beautiful future! If you’re interested in more, my book “Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Grace” is on amazon in paperback and/or kindle.

Have a blessed rest of your week!

Graced by the heavenly music of Robin Miller & Including a Live Gaze with Ann if you’d like to stay for it.

Previous playshop participants say….

I truly had a beautiful experience in Sedona, AZ with you at your Love is a River workshop. You have helped me in my journey of life to find peace, joy and to feel love in my heart!

It’s as if I am waking up to a whole new world of beautiful sights, sounds, colors and sensations.  A whole new way of perceiving my world really.

I am so in the flow these days! Opportunities are coming from all kinds of places for my creative work!”


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