Recharge ReAnchor This Weekend with Selacia

Recharge ReAnchor with Selacia

Attend Sept 17 Equinox Meditation and ReAnchor Yourself Course

Hello friends,

I’m looking forward to this weekend, sharing with you today’s Equinox meditation and Sept 18 start of my brand-new ReAnchor Yourself Divine Changemakers course! Both provide you with just the tools you need to manage our volatile season of energies.

A Volatile Season of Energies 

We’re sitting in a turbulent cycle of energies. These include unique planetary cycles occurring simultaneously: Mercury Retrograde, Pluto Return, and the soon-to-arrive Mars Retrograde. 

All 3 of these planets will impact your life in some significant way. Examples: Mercury involving communications and timing, Pluto pushing buried material to the surface in order to force needed change, and Mars catalyzing fiery emotional responses. 

The Equinox Gateway

Equinox gateway energies provide a unique window of transformation – helping you connect with insights previously hidden. With greater self-understanding you can more easily connect the dots in your life and find a renewed sense of purpose. As you get recharged and resourced for success on your path, you will have a buffer for navigating the chaos and challenging energies we’re experiencing now. 

A Perfect Time to Rethink

Sometimes we need a big nudge from the Universe to rethink how we live, what we value, what we need to change. Our ego, after all, dislikes change and will put stumbling blocks in our path.

3 Examples of Ego-driven Stumbling Blocks

  • A disharmonious relationship needs deeper understanding to resolve, yet you are so close to the person that it is challenging to see all of the root causes. Your ego may convince you to fix things on your own (or wait for the difficult person to change on their own), rather than daring to go deeper with yourself. The very act of going deep is super scary to your ego that wants the status quo. 
  • You have a self-destructive habit of getting too little sleep, avoiding exercise, or eating unhealthy foods for comfort. Your ego likes things as they are – so it won’t push you to look at root reasons and solutions. 
  • Your job has become a source of stress and daily dissatisfaction. The wise part of you knows this is detrimental to your well-being. Your ego will focus on surface things like the attitude of your boss or the hours you must be in Zoom meetings – things you have little control over. Your ego won’t want to dive deep within to understand why you have the job, what you are learning by being there, or what you as a soul are contributing there by your sheer presence and consciousness.

I suggest focusing on what you can do in the moment to respond to our current energies. Tune in daily to the things you can change. Get really clear on the things beyond your control. Ruminating about how much time you have – for example – is a huge time waster that depletes your energy. This ruminating actually blocks your ability to come up with creative solutions and slows your actions needed to reach goals.

Get Recharged and ReAnchored This Weekend 

This weekend you will have an opportunity to tap transformational benefits of Equinox. Join Today’s Equinox Meditation to get recharged and have spirit’s higher view of your life, new starts, and potentials. Attend my ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth Divine Changemakers Coursestarting Sept 18 for practical tools to ReAnchor and bring the light of your soul into manifestation. For the first time this year, my new Divine Changemakers course includes a weekly Friday email that teaches you how to use astrology to better navigate life. 

Go Deeper With Me – See Yourself With New Eyes

Come join me this weekend to go deeper with yourself and see yourself with new eyes. During both the Equinox Meditation and my ReAnchor Yourself course, your eyes will be opened wider to see your opportunities and means of achieving your goals. You will get resourced to tackle both big challenges and daily tasks. You will discover that what really matters is NOT what you do or the result, but your intention and approach to each step of the “doing.” In a larger context, you will come to realize that the higher goal is not related to “doing” – but “being.” 

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know your feedback. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and being a part of my journey this lifetime!

May love and success be yours,



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Equinox Zoom Global Meditation

  • Held Sept 17 during powerful Equinox gateway of transformation
  • New starts energized
  • Illumination of information previously hidden
  • Focus on what needs balancing
  • Join with others across the world, sharing with them on zoom before we start and at the end – building bonds of connection with others like you on a spiritual path
  • Participate in a global healing that uplifts consciousness 
  • Connect dots in your life and find a renewed sense of purpose

Divine Changemakers

ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth

New Live 2022 Course – September 18th – October 22nd

This is the next new annual 4-week live Divine Changemakers Course offered by Selacia – designed to be timely and relevant to these unprecedented moments of planetary change.

  • Receive practical tools to ReAnchor yourself during uncertainty and chaos
  • Learn to embody your authentic self
  • Connect with other Divine Changemakers across the world on live zoom calls
  • Learn to get in touch with and express your truth
  • Discover how to bring the light of your soul into manifestation
  • Tap your vast inner resources of wisdom & creativity
  • Receive weekly audio recordings of key course processes
  • Learn to use astrology to better navigate life


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