Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/17/2022 • Go for the Joy!


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Joy is in your grasp at any moment in time. Some moments offer it easily. Others require you to participate in a treasure hunt that must begin within. Nonetheless, the frequency and the energy of joy are there for the tuning and the taking. The more you seek it, the more you will find. You are all like radios – able to tune yourselves to any station you like. You can tune to the good news or the bad news. You can tune to the past or the future. You can tune to unlimited possibilities, or you can limit yourself, and tune in only to what your conditioning says is possible.

You can tune to what is going on around you, or far more powerfully, you can choose to tune to what you choose to have going on within you.

We’ve said this in many different ways, and we’ll continue to guide you in this skill that is so necessary and valuable as you continue to move into greater awareness of yourselves as energetic beings.

You are solid, of course. That is how your senses perceive the energy that is you! Nonetheless, what you call sight, is an interpretation of energy waves. What you call hearing is an interpretation of frequency. What you call touch is an interpretation and measure of the resistance you feel in the world around you. What you call taste is an energetic interpretation of chemical reactions, and so it goes. You are energetic beings, sensing, interpreting, and rippling energy out into the cosmos. Based on what you tune into, the ripples you send out dictate what you will create or allow into your system.

Consider this simple example. A person in love will barely notice someone being rude around them and will, instead, attract people who treat them kindly. They’re too happy to tune into something that feels bad. They attract the good. Conversely, a person in a terrible mood will – due to their vibration – attract and notice bad behavior all around them. Most of you have experienced both.

This is why we teach you to reach for the things and thoughts that feel better if only a little better at a time. This is why we encourage you to own your emotions but not stay stuck in the ones that feel bad. Soothe yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. Tell yourself what you can do instead of focusing on what you can’t do at this very moment. Treat yourself as you would want a lover to treat you. Dream your dreams.

Dear ones, you did not come to this planet to stoically endure trials. You knew there would be things in this buffet of life that you loved and others that you wouldn’t enjoy. You knew that the variety would lead you to dreams and desires that would give you new ways to shape and express the love that you are.

Yet along the way, those who were disconnected from this glorious truth convinced you to disconnect too. Those who felt life was a struggle taught you to struggle. Those who felt life was a struggle trained you not to trust your very own guidance system, which is based on your feelings.

You can change. You can reclaim your original understanding that you are good, that life is good. You can remember your invincibility and the unlimited potential that had you daydreaming big dreams as a little child.

You and you alone define your reality. You and you alone determine what you want to believe and, more importantly, where you want to tune your attention and, therefore, your energy.

Honor your bright and beautiful spirit by attuning to that which soothes you, comforts you, and gives you joy. The universe is never testing you. We in the heavens are never trying to assert our will over you. We are here with our promise to support your loving choices and your loving will. It is time, dear ones, to reclaim your joy, one little thought, one small choice at a time. And… if you are already in joy, revel in it, enjoy it, celebrate it, and expect that there is so much more to come.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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