PRESENCE and LOVE are the Keys.


Hey Beautiful —

The Equinox energies can already be felt…

When I channeled in today’s Soar Fest, and spent time in presence on the inner planes, the expansion I perceived was substantial and SO delicious.

I highly recommend it!! 🤩 
Take time to open inwardly and do so with NEW EYES.

Big change has happened and there are new potentials within, to be claimed and embodied as TRUTH.

WE are the free-will choice maker in our embodiment.

We allow the vaster energies of All WE ARE to arise within us.

It’s up to us to claim the new potential we are creating. Step into it. Recognize it. Open to it and allow it to become us. Acclimate to it. BE IT.

Becoming the leading edge of our own potential is an ongoing opportunity in this lifetime.

Our Divine Self as presence, is available now!

It’s here.
And wow is it glorious!

Presence and LOVE are the keys right now. That came through loud and clear in today’s Soar Fest transmission…

Really beautiful expansion and changes are happening on the inner planes. Trust in LIFE. New beginnings are opening and unfolding.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

The Equinox will be a VERY nourishing and beneficial alignment. Supporting us deeply in balancing and centering in our new expression of presence.

Join us if you wish?
All the details are here.

Hope you’re feeling thrilled — elated and alive! If not, I’m sending LOVE.

Blessings Dear One.
YOU are such a gift!

Feel it! And know it’s true.


P.S. + You can still join the UNVEILING Soar Fest if you like. You’ll get immediate access to all completed events, via the audio recordings, and can also register for written transcripts, if that helps you to receive and attune to the frequencies of the transmissions.

Collective co-creation is SO supportive and beneficial right now! I am so thankful for these opportunities to connect and share, and open to receive from our Angelic Friends!!  


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