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Hello My Friend –

I send many blessings of Peace, Abundance, and Encouragement now, as the changes continue to pour in each day.

In this week’s Message, I ask the Collective for their perspective on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Their answer takes in that and other developments in Earth life, which are even bigger events:

COR: My friends, I am wondering if you could comment on the recent death of England’s monarch, Elizabeth II. I feel it is the end of an era, but in a different way than most people think of that phrase.

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! Let us speak first on this moment of great shift and change that Earth life is experiencing.

Those shifts are greatly due to increases in the level and intensity of the electromagnetic frequencies flowing in from the Sun.

The many coronal mass ejections, intense solar flares, and the openings and portals within the Sun himself are puttingleaving Earth in a stream of higher Light—the kind that transforms and transmutes at very intense levels of experience.

Considering how the Sun Himself is evolving to a higher level etherically, this is not surprising.

Yet it may strike most people as strange and unreasonable. Too much change; too hard and fast a ride, evolving everyone on the planet, as well as the Earth Herself. These changes can indeed be a very rough ride at times.

Yet rather than resisting the shifts occurring now, flow into them, even as you are crying with shock, grief, or upset.

Allow yourself to cry, to get the anger out in constructive ways, to go beyond regrets and questions about “why” certain things have happened in your life.

In fact, you know why certain things have happened!

You came here at this time to work out the old pain, shock, grief, and rage, that have been following you from one Earth life to another, remaining stuck in your etheric energies, and coming to the surface in each life . . .

Then you are astounded that any such terrible thing could happen, though you have yourselves written those events into your own timeline.

The shock you feel at having to re-experience old pain is very little compared to the upset you experience after you have passed out of an Earth life, and realized that yet again, you have not fully healed, or resolved old contracts from your previous lives, as well as the one you have just left.

And so the cycle of 3D Earth lives has continued. Until now.

In this time you are in, those of you wishing to Ascend beyond the third dimension have collectively decided that it is time to release and fully end the old Earth trauma that has plagued your planet, as well as your individual experiences.

Now, in relation to the ending of the nearly lifelong reign of the being known as Elizabeth II, we would say, here is another part of the old construct . . . “

Go here to read more.

You may feel that some of what the Collective comment on next is a bit political, or too galactic high-tech. 

Yet we are galactic!

And what appears as political is really just another energetic form, and those are always changing — not happening to us, but because of us, and the path we’ve chosen.

Sending much Love and Light, 

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