9th September 2022. Mike Quinsey.


9th September 2022. Mike Quinsey.

With the climate and the political changes you have enough to contend with in a world that is changing at a fast pace. Then behind all of that is the threat of more world upheavals as Mother Earth is concerned with her own needed changes and the cleansing of the planet. You sometimes do not know which way to turn without being faced with the resultant changes that are having a worldwide effect. If your governments had taken notice when warnings were given of what was to come, it would not have resulted in such far reaching effects.

We regularly warned you to be prepared for major changes in your climate, but insufficient action was taken. Now you cannot avoid the consequences of your failure to comprehend the many changes that have already commenced. We have stood by you, and even helped to keep the extent of problems to a minimum. However, we cannot go too far as we are not allowed to intervene in a situation created by you. The problem all around is that you have to experience the result of your actions. Yes, we can give you advice that leads to a satisfactory outcome, yet it is you who have to decide your course of action. Peace on Earth is your ultimate goal but at present it seems out of your reach or control.

By your thoughts and actions you are projecting an image of what you want or expect, and through the Laws of the Universe you get it whether it be positive or negative. However, a very small number of souls can create a positive response. Be yourself and stay as positive as possible and you will be serving the Light. Try not to be distracted by what others are doing as the dark Ones will try anything to stop you being successful. It should be encouraging for you to know that the Light always wins these battles in the long run, regardless of whatever moves are made against it. The sooner those souls of the Light start projecting the Light, the quicker the end will come into sight.

We can see the possibility of a sudden change coming that will be responsible for removing the threat of a global war. From that time onwards the dark Ones will lose their grip on things and be unable to regain their dominance over you. You can release your fear of another world nuclear war as it will not be allowed. Greater powers than those on Earth are at the helm, and able to prevent the resurgence of the Reptilians who have been prevented from returning to Earth. The Beings of Light have been behind the positive energies being sent to Mother Earth. You have never been left to battle on alone and we do our best to influence you to take the right action to advance your cause.

Realise that you are in the last stages of establishing the Light upon Earth and you will be successful. You have the Forces of Light with you and cannot fail to achieve your objective so do not despair as you go through this great period of change. You have waited a long time for this time to come and it is so near to manifesting. Keep your sights on the future that beckons with the promise of great times as the Light overcomes the dark Ones who will be confined to the lower vibrations that they have created. We know that it is difficult for you to visualise the future but stay positive and all will come to you. After waiting so long for these days to arrive please do not lose heart as the finishing line is in view. All that you could wish for will ultimately be yours and the memories of the dark times will soon fade away.

You have been carefully picked to experience the end times knowing that you would survive the stern rests you would be going through, and by your example would also help others to succeed. Many of you have a lot to offer from your experiences of recent times and past lives, and willingly serve others who are your brothers and sisters who are severely being tested. We expect them to come through with “flying colours”. You may well point out that on the Earth there seem to be souls at every level of evolution, and you are correct in your observations. For a multitude of reasons they have been chosen from all levels of attainment, and many are experiencing life that will expand their consciousness and awaken to the truth.

It would be difficult to explain how such a complicated setup can be achieved, but it has been tested and proved to be the most successful method with worthy results. Every soul learns from a life upon Earth and not one is wasted which is why they are keen to return to it time and time again. Understand the object of each incarnation is to further your expansion of consciousness. Your true home is amongst the stars where you will freely travel through the power of thought.

The truth would as you might say “blow your mind” as very few have sufficient knowledge of the truth to know what lays ahead. The dark Ones try their best to keep you in the dark, as knowledge of the truth about your being would lift you up and open up a path to freedom. We know that there is not a better time to help raise your consciousness levels as the Light now permeates all areas upon Earth, and is continuing to rise. The battle between the dark and Light is becoming one sided as the Light gains prominence and is defeating the dark Ones. At a glance it is difficult for you to see signs of what way the “war” is going, but we do from our vantage point.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



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