A Message to Lightworkers – August 19, 2022  🌟


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

I send many blessings of Peace and calm. These are intense solar Light waves hitting us now, and Transformation isn’t always a comfortable process! 

This week’s video Message is all about putting us in the driver’s seat, as Lady Master Portia, Keeper of the Violet Flame, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, shares her beautiful insights. The transcript is here

The Transmuting Violet Flame – Starseed & the Alchemy of Souls

COR: It’s so difficult at times to make sense of what’s happening on this Earth.

People will email me, and ask, “ How can we be moving into the fifth dimension, yet there’s all of this madness going on?”

So let’s call in Lady Portia . . . 

LADY MASTER PORTIA: Well, greetings, dear ones! We are quite honored to have this moment to speak with all you.

And we are aware of these inequalities . . . aware of how strange it is; how it feels as if the fifth dimension is very far away indeed some days!

But all of us in the higher realms—and we are both in the higher realms and upon the Earth—all of us are desiring very much that you come to understand that you didn’t come to this Earth for perfect outcomes in the same paradigm that you view the issues, and what people call problems—which are generally of their own design.

So one might as well look at an issue, a problem, and say, “No, that’s not a problem. It’s humanity’s design.

“We decided to learn in this particular way. Yes, it looks like a mess, but we’re not going to trouble ourselves about the actual form of that mess.

“We’re going to move into a space where we remember that we didn’t come here just to move things around outwardly, and fix issues physically . . . “

The simple process Lady Portia gives us to transmute painful issues is quick and potent. I’m using it a lot now.

I’m calling it a Starseed power tool, the Violet Flame! Give it a try.

Sending much Love, 


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