5 Days of Healing Begins Soon

Hi my friend,
We are in a high energy cycle right now that is serving as a catalyst to help us look at, resolve, and move beyond many of the personal, ancestral, and societal dysfunctions and habits that we have unconsciously acquired throughout our lives.
We have the opportunity to finally get off of the hamster wheel of suffering, for good. This is our time to create a much brighter, happier, healthier reality for ourselves and the world around us.
I’ve put together a 5-Day Healing Intensive to help you thrive—to give you practical tools to heal yourself and others during these transformational times. You are your own greatest healer!
Here are few kind words from a previous participant:
“Dear Emmanuel, thank you for helping to empower me to heal myself. Prior to working with you, the best way to describe what I had been experiencing is that it felt like there was a gray cloud following me around everywhere for years. I felt stuck and unable to move forward the way I knew was possible for me. With your teachings and support, the gray cloud has disappeared. I feel happier than ever, grateful and at peace. I look forward to each day now with an open heart and mind. love, Angela S.”
Each session will build upon the learning and energy work offered by the previous session, to assist you in healing multiple levels and aspects of your mind, body, and energy.
Together, we will help you resolve stuck patterns and traumas, especially in your neurological and physiological makeup, while creating space for you to fully realize your own peaceful healing and well-being. We will do this using The Core Work Method, a therapeutic healing technology that combines neuroscience and holistic principles to help you free yourself from the root cause of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that may still be holding you back in any way.
When: Saturday, August 27th through Wednesday, August 31st
Times: Each Healing / Teaching Session will begin at 11:00 am Pacific Time / 2:00 pm Eastern / 7:00 pm UK Time and last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Location: These 5 Days of Healing will be offered LIVE online via Zoom
A recording of each session will be provided for all who sign up.
To discover more, please visit:
The early bird offering for this has been extended to this Sunday, August 21st.
I’m excited to support you on your journey to becoming your own greatest healer.


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