You are never alone, although it may often seem that you are.

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All is NOT as it seems! There is much going on in the spiritual realms as humanity moves ever closer to its collective awakening. So do not be alarmed by the chaos and confusion that is being reported by your media, because all is moving forward most splendidly in preparation for your grand and illustrious awakening. It truly is extremely close! Many of you are finding that hard to believe, as you have, for a number of years now, been hearing that same forecast, while at the same time all across the world conflict and confusion appears to be increasing. And, as many have explained, to awaken is to become fully aware that there is only Love – nothing else is necessary – and in that state of Love – your natural, unchangeable, and eternal state – you are told you will be in Joy, interacting creatively and harmoniously with each other, with ALL.

So why, you are asking yourselves – and one another – is there no sign of this most wonderful awakening? Well, as so many from the non physical realms have frequently reminded you, time is of the illusion and therefore unreal. And as you have all experienced dreaming when your physical forms have been asleep, you know that in dreams time is very flexible, you can move it forward beyond the present moment, move it back into the past, or remain locked in the present unchanging now moment. So, should we attempt to give you a forecast in time, because the illusion/time drama in which you are engaged always responds to the will of the collective ego, and as the collective intent changes quite regularly but unexpectedly so does the time scale, therefore our forecasts are apt, as you have discovered, to change without notice, seemingly moving further and further into the future. Therefore we cannot give you dates and times, but we can honestly tell you that the moment of your awakening is very close. SOON!

As you observe the intensifying states of conflict, suffering, divisiveness, and fear throughout humanity it is quite clear that major changes are essential, and your awakening will indeed be an Enormous change, a change that you cannot possibly conceive of with your very limited creative intellectual abilities as humans in form. You Are in the process of awakening Now! And that process is very close to its most magnificent completion. Trust M/F/G, Love, Source, and allow yourselves to access your deep inner knowing that all is divinely taken care of and that there will be NO disappointments, because the Divine Will is that you enjoy infinite and eternal joy. The Divine Will is the only true will, and it is always achieved . . . now.

Continue to trust the assurances of M/F/G, and continue to set the intent to be only loving whatever arises. That is why you are incarnate as humans in form at this moment. You all chose to be here – knowing that it would be very difficult and painful at times – because you most passionately wanted to be a part of and greatly assist in humanity’s most wondrous and long sought awakening. You are in form to bring it to fruition, and that is what you are doing. Honor yourselves for the work that only you can do, and forgive yourselves for all unloving thoughts, words, or actions that your egos have persuaded you to engage with, knowing that they were unreal did not occur – WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IS A TOTALLY UNREAL DREAM – and that you are perfect divine creations. Any feelings of being a sinner, not good enough, or unworthy of God’s Love, are utterly invalid ideas with which your egos try to control and direct you. You can – and many of you frequently do – allowyourselves to follow your egos’ guidance. But you are totally free to follow instead the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit Who is always with you and ready to help you instantly to let any egoic impulses just pass you by without your engaging with them. The more frequently you do this the easier it becomes, although, from time to time, the ego will try to regain control, so be mindful, and respond lovingly to whatever arises, instead of allowing yourselves to react egotistically to unexpected and unsought events or situations.

You know that you can choose not to engage egotistically with others or with events or situations, so every time you are tempted, be mindful and choose to stay in your place of inner peace, a place that is always and permanently available. Use it daily, when you awaken from your night’s sleep, and also whenever you have even a brief a moment during the day. Doing this enormously strengthens that intent, and, as I said above, you chose to be here now because you wanted be an essential and irreplaceable member of the human collective during the grand awakening. And truly you are essential and irreplaceable, therefore honor yourselves for this courageous choice that you made, and also ALL others who also have made this choice. You are here to assist one another in the awakening process, and if you were not competent to fulfill this divine task you would not now be in human form. Your presence is vital.

Therefore, despite the confusion, the chaos, the frustration, and the suffering, REJOICE that you are here now, precisely where you are supposed to be. There are NO accidents, there are NO coincidences, you and every human presently in form are precisely where you chose to be before you incarnated, having received the precise guidance that you needed to enable you to follow your chosen paths.

Here in the non physical realms we are most honored to be watching over you and proffering immediate assistance whenever you call on us for help or guidance. You are never alone, although it may often seem that you are, because separation never happened, and never can happen. Trust your inner guidance, your inner knowing, because you do know how to differentiate between thatand your egos’ attempts to distract you into angry emotional outbursts that could lead you into serious and absolutely unnecessary fear-driven conflicts.

You are all beings of peace, distracted by the illusory state of material form with which you have chosen to engage, so remind yourselves frequently “I am a perfect and unchangeable divine Being of Peace and Love.” This is an absolutely true statement, accept it, know it, and live it, because that is why you are in this now moment experiencing the intense limitations of life in form. Doing this is awakening humanity.

With so very much love, Saul.


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