What the Energies Are Doing to the Awake & Unawake ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


What the Energies Are Doing to the Awake & Unawake ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to detect even the slightest leveling up of the overall vibration of the human collective, and we are sensing a huge spike at this time. It is a time when those of you who are awake are playing more active roles in helping your fellow humans, and it is also a time when more humans are waking up through having their own unique experiences. It is so much better for someone to experience something than to just be told about it, and all humans have guides, higher selves, and other helpers who know this and who plan these awakening experiences for them. And then some humans question their sanity, question whether it really happened, or whether it happened the way they remember it, and that’s when they turn to you.

You are the experts; you are the ones who have been down that path already. You have paved the way for so many humans, and so when you wonder what you are supposed to be doing at this point in your life, just know that as you continue having your own unique experiences of awakening, you are gathering up all the tools that you will need to assist others when they come to you.

You are also anchoring in energies at this time for the collective that are meant to help with the blossoming of the consciousness of each and every member of the human collective. These energies are about helping the others, the unawakened, even when they’re not asking for your help. These energies are about making the transition easier on them, and they are about giving your fellow humans everything that they need in order to have their experiences of awakening, and so that they can assimilate everything that they are downloading all by themselves. It is a wonderful time to be there as the helpers, because as the helpers, you are receiving so much help.

You are able to allow in so much from above, from the higher realms. Everything that you’ve been waiting for is coming, and you must be the ones who demonstrate that trust to your fellow humans, because there will still be those who would rather spread the ideas of doom and gloom all around your planet. And it is up to the Awakened Collective to stay positive. It is up to all of you to trust that everything will work out and everything is working out, and you are just going to have a much more joyous ride as you take on those perspectives as your own.

All the helping that you do also helps you. It helps you to become who you are destined to become with greater ease. You have, of course, your own experiences that are coming and that will help with your continued awakening, your continued evolution, and your continued ascension. No one and nothing can take that away from you, and that is something else you need to remember, because again, there will be those who will tell you that you ascension is in jeopardy because of this or that. Notice that the doom-and-gloomers find something else all the time to be worried about, to assume is being used against you. Let go of that mentality because you need to see everything and everyone as you if you are to truly be awake.

And you need to embrace the truth that you are the one creating all of it, all the villains and all their dastardly deeds are your creation. And if you don’t want to exist in a reality where there are villains and there are deeds that are unimaginable to you, then raise your vibration and trust. As we said earlier, trust, because you and everyone else there on Earth who has yet to awaken is getting everything that you need, and it’s coming to you right now. As we have said, we can feel it, we feel the difference that the current energies have made, and we know that you will continue to build upon the positivity that we can feel. That’s how much trust we have in all of you as the Awakened Collective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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