Hello Beautiful Being, As many of you have shared lately, in emails to me and on our Expect Wonderful Facebook page, the waves of energy coming into our experience now, require more quiet time, more rest. This energy will continue to increase from now through the September Equinox. We’ll be inviting you to come together soon, to work with the Lion’s Gate energies, collectively. And to open up to more understanding and clarity about the Earth’s shift into higher planes of expression. For today, I wanted to share this message from the Galactic Dragons. It’s short and the energy of it, so delicious. May it feed you and help you feel the strength and clarity of your eternalness! With love, Ailia THE PROMISE OF THESE TIMES LIES WITHIN Message from the Galactic Dragons Channeled by Ailia Mira Divine Ones, The inner light grows and grows and each of you is rearranging, energetically, and cellularly. The incoming frequencies of this time in particular, offer to each of you, key templates of light that are beneficial and powerful. Use these energies and your inner knowing, to create a new way of being. Trust in your Divine Self. Call upon all that you are and invite that Greater Being that is your wholeness, to infuse you, embody more fully in you and light the way home. Each of you are central to your own ascension. The energies and support are here for you to become a living field of expanded light and for you to evolve your human form into it’s next higher expression; an exalted form of being that will be your new home here, on an elevated planet of love and wholeness. Realize the inner truth that calls to you. Let yourself give allegiance to inner knowing above all else. Discover the clarity, grace, joy and strength that is within you and here for you, to serve, nurture and support you as you are participating in an ascending world and building your lightbody. Life on Earth IS changing. The shift into higher states is underway. Many have aligned with this new and higher potential for expression in being. Many are opening to Oneness, inclusivity the beauty of your diversity and the innate need to care for your planet as part of your very self. Trust in this. Orient to it. Dream this new world into being and know that you are an important and beautiful part of what is coming into more LIGHT. We are with you always and we are near now, more than ever before. WE ARE THE GALACTIC DRAGONS P.S. This blog post is available on our website. To share or repost this message, you can find it online here. ………………………….. And…a few more things? 👉 I am so exhilarated by the energy and the people gathering in the new Conscious Evolution Program which begins this coming weekend. Conscious Evolution XIV – Bridging the Eternal. To read the first channeled message about this and see all the program details click here. 👉 The Expect Wonderful Facebook Community page is a great social media space if you’d like some bite sized inspiration, reminders and encouragement to align with the emerging NEW WORLD and be who you truly are. 👉 SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING is available, and can assist with developing your relationship with your own Greater Wholeness and expanding your consciousness; experiencing more authentic expression; further developing your channeling/confidence in channeling; allowing Life/your life to flow more; embracing yourself/your Life, as you are; living with intention – choose what you align to/align with what you value; healing from internalized messages of lack, limitation, guilt, shame, fear, not-enoughness, and learning how to release external ideals and self-define with love. I also work with walk-ins to assist with integration, self-definition and do energy work to support embodiment of our higher energies/consciousness. I work with a few clients at at time and also do stand-alone sessions. More here.


Do You Need More Information to Awaken? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are slowly but surely getting through to more humans. We take the approach of sending love and light to every single human being there on Earth, and we are not alone in this approach. We know, as many other high-frequency beings and collectives do, that it is through love that you will awaken to the truth that you are love. Information is only going to get you so far, because your mind is very limited, and having more information tends to keep you in a mind-oriented state. It is our goal to open your hearts, and this is also the goal and the plan that your higher selves have and that your spirit guides put into action.

This is why it takes time for humanity to fully awaken and ascend. It is because people still have the option of saying, ‘No.’ People can reject love and they can avoid light because they know that ultimately they will have to feel everything at some point. And while most people don’t know this consciously, even knowing at the subconscious level can keep love and light at bay. Those of you who are awake are doing this work also. You cannot help but do so. You cannot help but shine your light and emanate love because you have discovered that these are the substances of which you are made.

You are giving others more access to themselves through the love that you are and the love that you have for them. Even when people reject your love and your kindness, you don’t get discouraged. You continue to give it because you understand you are it and there really is no other option from where you are. You have received so much of our love and light, and the more you spread around, the more you get. And that is true whether you are receiving it from us, or an archangel, or an ascended master.

It’s all love; everything is love. Awakening is about realizing that, and when you realize that, then there is no need to create separation. You don’t have to create separation between those who are awake and those who are not. We sometimes use those labels because we are making a point, but we do not seek to separate. We do not wish for anyone to look down on anyone else because of what they believe or what they have yet to discover. And doing so will just halt the spreading of the love and the light that you are temporarily. But it will always come back, and you will always come back to it. You cannot help it; it’s within you at all times. It wants to come out; it wants to be expressed, and you are feeling the call to do so all the time and answering the call.

Now, we continue to recruit your fellow humans, knowing that it will take time, but also enjoying the process. We enjoy the journey because we love offering love. We love witnessing the slightest bit of progress in a person, and we especially love that moment when we do get through to someone about who and what they really are. Take that same approach with your fellow humans, and you will not be disappointed. And even better, you will get more love and light to spread around. You will get activated, you will get upgraded, and you will download everything that you need because you will be in the flow, and there is no better place for any of us to be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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