— New Conscious Evolution program begins Saturday.


Dear Lovely One!

Ascension is accelerating. As the energy unfolds in our world more and more, some of us are activated in ways that allow us to lift into higher expression. If you’re going through a big shift right now — in your relationships, your work, your life, your health, your sense of self/Self — be aware: it may be opening up and preparing you to embody and express your higher expression.

New, True (uplifted and aligned) forms of expression are coming online. This is possible because Earth Itself is moving into higher expression and as this is happening, it’s activating energy within our DNA potential, that open up new ways of being and knowing reality.

I’m seeing this in my own life in how I now know things about my own presence, I did not know until last week! It’s truly amazing. I am so thankful to our non-physical friends and the energy and guidance I receive that is helping me become more fully embodied.

Then this week I received/channeled the activating transmission (remote energy work) given to those who’ve already joined the New Conscious Evolution Program — Bridging the Eternal.

The activating transmission was a profound transmission creating inner expansion and activating the full template for ascension. For I now know, that some of us, are moving into these higher frequencies first and will be part of the ground crew, “Bridging the Eternal.”

What a time we’re living in!
What amazing kick-off for this new co-creation. I’m so looking forward to this program!

Your Invitation is here: BRIDGING THE ETERNAL

You’ll know if this is for you. The same way your inner knowing lights up everything that is for your highest good. — we’d love to have you join us!

Peace & Happiness,


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